‘ABP’ Snowbird Brown Shares Amazing New Look, See Pic

Snowbird Brown - Instagram

Snowbird Brown of Alaskan Bush People was looking a little different in her latest Instagram update. A quick scroll through her profile revealed there were actually a few things that had suddenly changed about her appearance! Per the caption of her Instagram update, she’d recently made the decision to cut her hair. According to the caption, this haircut was a huge milestone as it was actually the first time Birdie ever got her haircut.

In the comments, however, fans pointed out the hair wasn’t the only thing new regarding Snowbird Brown’s appearance. What else did she change? Keep reading for the details.

Snowbird Brown gets first haircut

The Discovery Channel personality took to her Instagram profile with some big news. She made the decision to cut her long brown tresses for the very first time. Birdie shared a gorgeous selfie of herself showing off her new hairstyle. She was standing outside near some rippling water. Snow-capped hills could be seen behind her and the sun was also glowing as he looked as if it was shinning a bit of a spotlight passed the back of her head as she looked toward the camera.

Overall, her 54.2K Instagram followers were here for her gorgeous new haircut. They thought she looked stunning and they also really loved the way she took this selfie.

Snowbird - Alaskan Bush People - Instagram
Snowbird – Alaskan Bush People – Instagram

One fan chimed in: “It’s beautiful! I don’t like cutting my hair. I usually cut it myself.”

“Well it suits U … and a new look can help how one feels … I hope U are having a great day,” another chimed in.

A third added: “Even this little bit of a trim and few layer’s has made all the difference in the world! You look beautiful as always but this is next level for you!”

Fans noticed something else different about Birdie

At a quick glance, it looked as if Snowbird Brown was also sporting a bit of makeup on her face as well. Fans were pretty quick to call attention to this change in her appearance. Her Instagram followers, however, didn’t hate it. In fact, they thought she had reached “next level beauty.” Fans, however, were careful to clarify they always thought Snowbird was beautiful.

One fan penned: “Looks great! Do I see some makeup?”

Snowbird - Alaskan Bush People - Instagram
Snowbird – Alaskan Bush People – Instagram

Birdie herself responded to the comment admitting she did have a touch of eyeliner on. She, however, clarified she prefers a more natural look.

 I like a little eyeliner sometimes other then that i don’t like to wear makeup lol I like my natural look. I think impurities make people beautiful

Other fans chimed in agreeing that Birdie was right. One fan, however, called “bullsh*t” on the whole conversation.

What do you think of Snowbird’s gorgeous photo? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Alaskan Bush People news.

Allie Johnson


  1. WOW!,how vile you are,hey, if you dont like the Alaskan bush people, don’t watch, you must be really insecure,having to cut someone else up,pretty sure everybody would love to see your beautiful self.

  2. Bird Brown
    I think you have always been the most beautiful and honest of the entire family
    If wasn;t a 66 year old man I would love to meet you and go out to a movie and dinner!

    Don’t ever change for anyone
    Care deeply for your entire family

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