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‘ABP’ Bear Wishes Bird Brown ‘Happy Birthday’: How Old Is She?

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Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown took to his social media accounts and wished his sister Bird Brown a happy birthday on Friday. It was a sweet sentiment for his sister, who has gone through a tough year thanks to unexpected medical issues.

Here is a look at how old Bird Brown is and what has happened to her this season on Alaskan Bush People.

How old is Bird Brown on Alaskan Bush People?

Bear Brown took to his Instagram account, and he wished his sister Bird Brown a happy birthday. He posted a nice picture of the scenery and had the words “Happy Birth Day Birdy!” at the top. He captioned it with the same comment.

Bird Brown - Alaskan Bush People - episode screencap
Bird Brown | Episode Screencap

Snowbird Brown turned 28 years old this year. She was born on November 18, 1994, the oldest sister in the Brown family, but the sixth oldest after her five older brothers. Only Rain (19) is younger. Matt Brown is the oldest, followed by Bam, Bear, Gabe, and Noah.

What is happening to Bird Brown on Alaskan Bush People?

Bird Brown has gone through some tough times this season on Alaskan Bush People. Originally, the pain was mental, with Bird suffering from depression issues. She still hadn’t gotten over the death of her father, Billy, in 2021. When she learned Billy started writing journals for his kids to read after his passing, she secretly hoped for a personal letter to her, one that never showed up.

However, her mom, Ami, wrote a letter to Bird and signed it from her and Billy. The only stipulation was that Bird read it in Alaska, where Ami and Billy set up stakes to raise their family so many years ago. The good news is that Noah Brown was already heading to Alaska to look for a new home, so she had a ride. However, the bad news was medical problems that crept up.

Bear Brown IG
Bear Brown | Instagram

Bird learned she had two tumors. She initially refused to go to the doctor because she didn’t want to hear bad news. She almost waited too long. Luckily, the medical personnel removed the tumors and told her she needed to recover. She also learned that she needed to make a decision. She could have a full hysterectomy and never have children. The other choice was to choose family, but risk cancer in her future.

Bird went to Alaska and read the letter, and then she decided. Bird Brown chose not to have the hysterectomy and chose the possibility of family in her future. It has been a tough road for the Brown sister, but she seems ready to fight on.

Have you been watching Bird Brown on Alaskan Bush People this season? Chime in and wish her a happy birthday in the comments below.

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