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David Woolley Throws Slight Shade At Kody Brown, Better Partner?


As Tv Shows Ace previously reported, David Woolley made it clear he was just along for the ride while his queen, Christine Brown, was in charge. Taking a second look at his Instagram post, however, fans believe Christine’s new spouse may have laced his post with a little bit of shade for her ex-husband Kody Brown. Reading between the lines, was David Woolley making sure Kody Brown knew Christine was finally with a real man and a more supportive partner?

Kody Brown - Christine Brown Instagram
Kody Brown – Christine Brown Instagram

Did David Woolley just shade Christine’s ex-husband, Kody Brown?

Kody Brown of Sister Wives has always caught heat for staying with Robyn and never traveling with his other wives. Over the years, fans watched as Meri, Janelle, and Christine traveled and went on vacations with no signs of their husband Kody.

Fans were FURIOUS when Meri Brown’s mother died and Kody was not in the car beside her, traveling with her, to take care of things. While it was no secret that some of his wives, such as Janelle Brown, enjoyed being independent and doing what she wanted when she wanted… It was also no secret that some of his wives (Meri) yearned for more attention from him.

So, unsurprisingly, fans were a bit shocked when they learned David went on a road trip with Christine to see her newest grandbaby. Sister Wives fans were both surprised and happy for Christine as this was something Kody Brown would have never even considered doing. In fact, fans agree Kody would have only gone to see his newest grandchild if his wife Robyn was coming with him to see the baby as well.

David Woolley - Instagram
David Woolley – Instagram

On other social media platforms, Sister Wives fans dove a bit deeper into the caption David penned in his post about going along for the ride with Christine. Was he throwing a slight amount of shade at Kody by pointing out he was a more supportive spouse? It was possible fans were just reading more into the post. After all, many fans are looking forward to seeing Kody and David interact.

Do you think David Woolley was throwing a little shade in Kody’s direction with his last Instagram post? Or, do you think fans are just hoping there’s more drama than there actually is? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back to us for more Sister Wives news.

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