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Christine Brown’s New Man Says ‘Just Along For The Ride’

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Sister Wives cast member, Christine Brown shocked fans when she announced that she had a new man! She was ready to find her own happiness and it didn’t take long for her to do it. She started dating online and shortly after asking fans for dating advice, she shared with fans that she had found someone very special. Just a few days ago, Christine introduced her new man to fans. David Woolley has been called her soulmate and now they are loving life together. They have been seen dancing and even hanging out with her grandchildren. David recently opened a public Instagram account and has been sharing his love for Christine.

David’s Posts For Christine Brown

In a recent post from David, he can be seen in the car with Christine. They are both smiling in the photo while she is at the wheel. He captioned it, “I’m just along for the ride!” He did use the hashtags, “soulmate”, “queen”, and “my love.” Of course, fans were so happy to see them again on social media. It didn’t take long for David to get followers and even with only eight posts, he has become very popular. Many of his followers were quick to tell him just how happy they are for him and Christine.

David Woolley- Instagram
David Woolley- Instagram

One fan wrote to him, “Once again, so happy you are happy. Glad you are out of that toxic life.” He got a lot of praise for how happy people are for the two of them to start their lives together. Another added, “You guys are such a cute couple! I’m so happy for your both!” One more added, “Every fan is rejoicing for you two!”

The Valentine’s Day Posts

On Valentine’s Day, David and Christine Brown shared their love for one another on social media. He actually wrote her a letter on Instagram and it had her smiling so wide. He told her that he loved her more than anything and that he was her king. The sweet messages between the two of them have really made fans stop and think though. They all want to know how Kody feels about all of this. There are posts where Christine talks about how she has never felt love like this before.

Christine Brown- Instagram
Christine Brown- Instagram
It turns out that Christine waited over a year to start dating again. She knew that she wanted to find love again, but wasn’t too serious about it at first. There was a lot for her to take care of when she moved back to Utah. She knew it would be tough to find love again, but David seems to have made her life a lot better.
What do you think of David and Christine’s love? Are you happy that she has moved on? We would love to hear what you think in the comments below. Stay with TV Shows Ace for more Sister Wives.

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