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How Long Was Christine Brown Single After Leaving Kody?

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Unsurprisingly, Sister Wives fans have all sorts of questions about Christine Brown and her new relationship with David Woolley. Naturally, fans also have a lot of opinions. One of the biggest questions fans have for Christine, however, is simple. How much of a time gap was there between breaking up with Kody Brown and getting with David Woolley? Just how long did she enjoy being a single woman before tying herself down again?

While fans can’t really be sure when Christine and David started casually seeing each other as fans know she was dating around with no intentions of seeking something serious for a while, it isn’t too hard to nail down a bit of a timeline with the help of some social media posts.

Kody Brown and Christine Brown from Sister Wives, TLC

How long was Christine Brown single after leaving Kody?

Things with Kody Brown and Christine went south a pretty long time ago. Kody believes Christine poisoned his relationship with his children as she went out the door. However, Gwendlyn Brown (their daughter) believes it may have been the other way around. Turns out, a lot of Kody’s children just don’t like him. And, Christine’s children were very open with her about their disdain for the way he treated her.

This information above is also true of Janelle’s children that admittedly pushed her to leave Kody as well.

Christine Brown - Instagram
Christine Brown – Instagram

It was on November 2, 2021, that Kody Brown and Christine both issued statements on social media about their relationship coming to an end. Fans see the relationship as ending a lot more recently than when it actually happened because of the massive time gap between the TLC series and actual reality.

Now, David Woolley’s Facebook profile reveals he and Christine Brown started dating on December 10, 2022. So, doing the math, Christine Brown was a single woman for about 13 months and one week before getting into an exclusive relationship with her new man.

Is she moving too fast with David Woolley?

Some Sister Wives fans are understandably worried that David Woolley could be using Christine for fame and riches. Likewise, some fans are worried this relationship is just moving far too quickly because of how neglected Christine was in her relationship with Kody Brown. Either way, it appears as if David and Christine have been an official and exclusive couple for two months. And, fans couldn’t be happier about that. They just hope she’s protecting her heart.

Christine Brown - Instagram
Christine Brown – Instagram

What are your thoughts on David Woolley and Christine Brown? Do you have any questions about this romance? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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