David Woolley Snuggles Up With His ‘Queen’ Christine Brown

Christine Brown - David Woolley instagram

David Woolley broke his Instagram silence on his relationship and shared a photo of himself snuggled up next to his “queen” Christine Brown. This update came as a bit of a surprise to Sister Wives fans as he had a very inactive profile when fans first discovered him. In the past week, however, he has slowly been adding photos. This included the photo he uploaded today of himself snuggled up with Christine.

Now, Sister Wives fans assume David had to wait for a green light to post this photo. And, fans assume he was given a green light to make this post after Christine made their relationship Instagram official earlier today.

Presently, Christine Brown has 1.1M Instagram followers and her new boyfriend has just 4K followers. But, with every hour that passes hundreds of new Sister Wives fans are rushing to follow his profile so they don’t miss an update on this adorable new couple.

Here is the photo David shared on his profile of himself and his queen Christine:

David Woolley - Instagram
David Woolley – Instagram

Christine Brown’s fans love David Woolley already

His post quickly became overwhelmed with fans that wanted David to know they loved him already. Fans proceeded to beg David Woolley to take good care of her and treat her like the treasure she was. Here’s some of what excited fans had to say in the comments of his post:

  • “We love you already David!!!! Christine is our Queen and now she’s yours too!!”
  • “Treat her right. She deserves the world!”
  • “David, you have great taste in women. She is a gem. We wish you the best in this chapter of your lives.”
  • “Thank you for showing her the love she deserves! Christine has always been my favorite. She’s a beautiful person inside and out.”

Soul mates: Love of a lifetime

Now, Sister Wives fans aren’t exactly sure how long this relationship has been going on for. But, Christine has referred to David as both her “soul mate” and “the love of her life.” David Woolley also referred to her as his soul mate using a hashtag on his own profile.

So, fans can only assume this relationship has been going on for a while now. At least, fans hope it isn’t a super-new relationship. If it is a new relationship, fans have serious concerns about how fast things are moving between Christine and David.

Christine Brown - Instagram
Christine Brown – Instagram

Do you think it is sweet that they made their relationship public on Valentine’s Day? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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