Christine Brown En Route To See New Grandbaby

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Christine Brown is tearing herself away from her new love to see her new grandbaby. The mother of six has been busy with her new beau, gallivanting around town. However, she is now pulling herself away and is now en route to see her new grandbaby. She shared her excitement with her fans and they are just as happy as she is.

Christine Brown En Route To See New Grandbaby

It has been a busy month for Christine Brown. She announced that she was in love shortly after she sought dating advice on social media. Her new beau is David Woolley and he is a widower and father of eight. So far, they have been having an amazing time together and her kids seem to really like him. Additionally, his daughter is a fan of their romance. Now, Christine is pulling herself away to meet her newest grandchild. She shared this news on her social media.

Christine Brown/YouTube
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In an Instagram post, Christine Brown wrote: “I’m on to North Carolina to meet my new grand babie, Josephine. I also get the pleasure of Axel and Evie. Ow and of course @madison_rose11 I’m so excited.” In the post, she is posing, wearing a loose-fitting green turtleneck and slim-fitted jeans with a rip in them. She is still beaming which is a clear sign that the honeymoon phase of her relationship has yet to wear off. Plus, she loves being an “Oma” so meeting Maddie Brush’s new baby is pure joy for her.

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Her fans were just as excited for Christine as they took to her comment section. “Have fun visiting Maddie and your grandbabies! Love you and Janelle and all of your babies and their babies!” one wrote. Another added: “You look great! Safe travels and enjoy your grandbabies!” Additionally, as per usual, fans were quick to say that she and Janelle need their own show. Plus, they cannot believe how amazing Christine looks now that she is away from Kody.

More Love To Give

Christine Brown was always known as the homemaker in the plural family. She helped to raise her and her former sister wife, Janelle Brown’s children. So, she has always had a huge heart, especially for the children. Now, she can finally share it with those who are most deserving. In November 2022, Christine’s daughter, Mykelti Padron gave birth to twin boys, Ace and Archer who Christine absolutely adores. She is also crazy for their older sister, Avalon. Now, she has David to love on and soon enough, she will have baby Joey in her arms. Could things get any better?

Are you excited that Christine Brown is making the trip to North Carolina to meet her newest grandbaby? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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