‘General Hospital’ Kirsten Storms Changing Career Paths?

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Is General Hospital star Kirsten Storms changing her career path and moving away from acting? She has been in this industry since she was a child, amassing fans from all walks of life. Yet, something new has taken over and it may be enough to change her mind about acting. So, what is it? Keep reading for more details.

General Hospital Kirsten Storms Changing Career Paths?

Kirsten Storms has been acting since she was a child. The forty-year-old made a name for herself as Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century on the Disney Channel. It spawned two follow-up films to the original and Storms amassed a huge following. Around the same time, she ventured into the world of soaps as Belle Black on Days of Our Lives. She stayed there for five years and eventually took over the role of Maxie Jones on General Hospital. She has been there for almost two decades though she has gone on hiatus for personal and health reasons.

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Now, the mother of one is opening up about a passion that she has which could be a potential new career path. According to Soap Hub, Storms was recently a guest on Daily Drama, hosted by her co-stars, Bradford Anderson and Steve Burton. They started to chat about her love of crocheting. She frequently shows off her creations on her social media alongside Emme Rylan and what yarn she is a fan of. Storms also likes to share the patterns she utilizes so others who are interested can join in.


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Kirsten Storms joked about making daughter, Harper, many items:

“I’m constantly making sweaters. Harper has way more than she would actually like.”

She also added that she is now crocheting for her fellow co-stars:

“I made one for Becky Herbst the other day. I mixed, maybe, 25 different types of yarn in the jacket, so hers specifically took me, like, a week and a half.”

Aside from the fashion aspect, Storms noted that it has been incredibly helpful for her mental health which she loves.

“It’s really meditative for me.”

That was when Steve Burton (Jason Morgan) asked Storms about starting a brand. As it turns out, the actress has everything in place.

She’s Ready To Go

Kirsten Storms has actually thought about turning her creations into profit. The General Hospital star shared the details of how far she has gotten into the process:

“I purchased a website name, I bought tags. But so much goes into making them that I think I need time to stock up on a bunch of sweaters.”

So, maybe sometime in the near future, fans can own a custom-made piece from the actress. For Steve Burton, that time is now as he promoted her items right away:

“We’re going to start your business right now. We’re going to do custom orders.”

He told the listeners they were free to message Storms on social media in order to get a sweater. It seemed she was actually okay with this idea:

“I think I’m going to list different groupings of colors they can select from and then they’ll pick the colors that they want, but then I decide the placement because it’s kind of haphazardly done.”

Looks like Storms’ cast members are really helping to jumpstart her second career. Could this be her backup if she leaves General Hospital? More so, would you buy one of her garments? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I would definitely buy one. I love sweaters and the softer the better!..Her needlework looks amazing.

    1. I really never got into sweaters but I’m the last yr. I have gotten to like them a lot.. They are comfortable especially on a lazy rainy day I would absolutely buy one

  2. I’m interested ! Would like to see her work. I’m not on face book. Just E-mail. Thank you! Sincerely,
    Jackie Massaron

  3. I would love to see her sweaters. I love the one her daughter is wearing The sweater is really cute on her

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