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Janelle Brown Is A Grandma Again, Meet The New Addition

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Janelle Brown is a grandmother again. Her daughter, Maddie Brush has welcomed her third child, a baby girl, into this world. So, what are all of the details of this latest addition? Read on for more details and to see the first picture of baby girl Brush.

Janelle Brown Is A Grandma Again, Meet Baby Girl Brush

Maddie Brush is a mother of three now. Though she had revealed the gender and that she was due in February, she was up in the air with names. Admittedly, she shared that her two kids, Axel and Evie would be fine calling her “baby sister.” Additionally, she noted that her mother, Janelle Brown would be coming in from Flagstaff to North Carolina for the birth. She just hoped that the baby would wait for Janelle to arrive. Fortunately, Janelle came in a short time ago and had been getting acclimated and now, the baby has arrived.

Maddie Brush/IG
[Credit: Instagram]
According to Maddie’s Instagram, her third baby made her debut on Friday, February 10th. Here are all of the details on Janelle Brown’s new grandbaby: “Welcome to the world Josephine Lee Brush!💚 Little Miss Joey was born 2/10 at 8lbs 9oz.” She is tiny and dressed head to toe in a little pink onesie. Immediately, her family and followers were quick to comment.

Maddie Brush/IG
[Credit: Instagram]
Janelle Brown’s former sister wife, best friend, and her and Maddie’s business partner Christine Brown quickly commented: “CONGRATULATIONS LOVE.” This was followed by Janelle’s son, Garrison who referred to the baby as “Smol.” One fan wanted to know if there was a backstory to the name as with Evie. Her middle name is after Maddie’s father, Kody but there has yet to be a response. Finally, a fan loved the traditional moniker: “Congratulations! Love that old school names are coming back! Our golden girls are Esther and Dorothy!”

Brown Baby Boom

Janelle Brown is not the only former sister wife to become a grandma once again. Back in November 2022, Christine Brown’s daughter, Mykelti Padron welcomed twin boys, Ace and Archer. This also makes her a grandma of three now. It was fun for Mykelti as she and Maddie were both pregnant at the same time. They even took a photo where they are bumping bellies during their pregnancies.

Maddie Brush and Mykelti Padron from TLC, Sister Wives, Instagram
[Credit: Instagram]
Though Janelle and Christine have been right there for their daughters, grandpa Kody has yet to acknowledge either pregnancies or births. Whether or not he will is to be seen but he seems to be quite consumed with finding a new wife over enjoying his grandkids.

What do you think of Janelle Brown’s new granddaughter’s name? Finally, is she not the cutest thing ever? Congrats to the Brush family and welcome to the world, Joey!

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