Jenelle Evans [Source: YouTube]

Jenelle Evans Stumbles Over Words In Late Night Rant

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Jenelle Evans sparked concern among fans with her late-night rant. The Teen Mom alum stumbled over her words in a new TikTok video. This comes amid her ongoing health issues. Keep on reading for more details.

Sparks concern among Teen Mom fans

Jenelle Evans loves to interact with her fans and followers on TikTok most of all. She uses the social media app to share what’s currently on her mind. Jenelle also uses the app to promote her “spicey site.” However, fans couldn’t understand her latest video. She struggled to get her words straight after her date night with her husband David Eason.

Jenelle Evans [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
On Wednesday, February 15, Jenelle shared a concerning clip on TikTok. She was still in the Valentine’s Day spirit. She wore her clothes from the night before and her hair was a mess. Jenelle wore a sweatshirt over her dress and sunglasses hanging from her neck.

The video started with a shot of her phone pointed at her computer. It played an old clip from the Teen Mom series. The scene showed Jenelle driving home after a fight with her mom. Jenelle turned the camera to her and shared her reaction.

“These comments have me dying right now. Literally,” Jenelle Evans said. “First of all, y’all are like, ‘I’m surprised your car made it.’ I’m surprised my car made it. You’re right. I had way too much faith in that car but that car shortly broke down and then I never can ride it again and I had to get a new one.”


#stitch with @kellytm2clips still wearing my outfit and makeup from last night 🤷🏻‍♀️

♬ original sound – Jenelle Evans

She stumbled over her words. The former MTV star had a hard time explaining what happened in that scene. She giggled so much that it was hard to understand her. Jenelle admitted that they already went to New Jersey and Jace popped out of the bushes.

“So that was actually after the fact we already went to New Jersey,” Jenelle Evans continued in her late-night rant. “I can’t believe they would act like he just came out of the bushes. It was their idea to meet up at the beach. They made him look like a dumba**.”

Jenelle Evans [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]

Mixed reaction about Jenelle Evans

A Reddit user shared the clip on the Teen Mom board. Others took to the thread to share their thoughts. Most of them were concerned about Jenelle Evans — especially with her behavior and appearance. Some of them speculated about what happened to her.

“A full conversation with nobody. Nobody commented, nobody asked how MTV sets the ‘scene’ up. Nobody,” one user wrote.

“This doesn’t look like slept in makeup. Her eyeshadow is still completely intact, I feel like it would be all smeared if she had slept in it. And the issue isn’t the make up, that was only pointed out to back up the theory that she hasn’t gone to bed,” another added.


#valentinesday #date #vlog 🔥😂❤️

♬ L O V E – Michael Bublé

However, some fans weren’t concerned. They found it relatable that she didn’t wash her face. Others thought it was concerning that she wasn’t ready to take care of her children and bring them to school the following morning. Instead, she’s watching old episodes of Teen Mom.

What are your thoughts on Jenelle Evans’ late-night rant? Do you think it’s concerning? Or, do you find it relatable? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. Jenelle has been screaming for attention for years. She’s been trying to convince the world that she’s too disabled to work an actual job, yet she makes raunchy sex videos on Only Fans. She and her abusive husband drink constantly and film themselves drinking while driving. Her husband David beats Jenelles son Kaiser and calls him horrible names since he was just a baby. And as the world knows, David beat their puppy, threw it down and shot it. In front of the children. He also killed the family goat and cooked it, showing this on twitter, and then showing its skull in the garbage can. He and Jenelle have both been arrested so many times you could wallpaper a house with their mug shots. David is violent and unstable and refuses to work. Jenelle is also unstable and unfit to be a parent. It’s just awful that those poor little kids have to live a life of fear because no one will stand up to this man. When Kaiser was real little, he would stutter evrytime David came into a room because he was so afraid of him. Jenelle even told this on one of her accounts! Now of course she says she made all of that up. Please someone in that god-forsaken state remove those children before it’s too late.

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