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‘Teen Mom 2′: Jenelle Evans’ Friend Taylor Lewis Dead At 29

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MTV’s Teen Mom 2 alum Jenelle Evan’s former friend Taylor Lewis has been confirmed dead at the age of 29. Taylor’s sister, Haylee Lewis, spoke with InTouch Weekly to confirm her sister had passed away and to share some of the details. Jenelle Evans has also taken to multiple social media platforms to react to her former friend’s passing. Her reaction included several photos of herself with her former friend.

What happened to Taylor Lewis that caused her to pass away at such a young age? What did Jenelle Evans have to say about the death of her former friend? Keep reading for the details.

Teen Mom 2: Jenelle Evans’ Friend Taylor Lewis Dead At 29

Per InTouch Weekly, Jenelle Evans’ former friend, Taylor Lewis, was confirmed dead at a hotel located in Eden, North Carolina on Thursday, January 5th. She was just 29 years old. Her sister Haylee tells the outlet that the cause of death is unclear. There, however, are suspicious details surrounding her passing and the death is being investigated as a possible homicide.

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Jenelle Evans noted she was broken-hearted after learning her former best friend had passed away. She shared several photos as she reflected on drifting apart.

We were once best friends and we went our separate ways because of the diff crowds we chose to hangout with. I wanted to see you eventually flourish as a woman from a distance but was always rooting for you. I don’t know what happened but I am very saddened to hear this news and hope you’re resting easy. I’m so sorry and sending your family prayers.”

Jenelle added that she had deep regrets as Taylor reached out to her in March of last year and she decided not to respond.

She later added in a second update on Facebook with more broken heart emojis: “If your friends message you, just respond back. See how they are doing, check up on them.”

According to Taylor’s sister, the detectives have told her that two men were spotted on the security cams with Taylor. Taylor’s body was found hours after her interaction with these two men by the hotel’s housekeeping.

How Was Taylor Linked to Jenelle?

As those who watched Teen Mom 2 know, Taylor and Jenelle had somewhat of a complicated relationship. Technically, Taylore was Courtland Rogers’ first wife. As fans recall, Courtland was also Jenelle’s ex-husband. Courtland and Taylor brought their daughter Jordan into the world before breaking up. Then, he started hooking up with Jenelle.

Jenelle and Courtland linked up in 2012. By the time December rolled around, the two rushed to a courthouse and got married. They were only married for about a month before breaking it off. As fans know, Jenelle told Taylor during the Season 5 Premiere of Teen Mom 2 that she relapsed when she met Courtland. She was mad at herself for rushing into marrying someone like him. Moreover, she became even more upset when she later realized she was pregnant. She, however, ultimately decided to get an abortion.

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Jenelle Evans (and the show) never really explained why these friends drifted apart. But, her tribute to her friend’s passing implies they just rolled with different crowds and their friendship no longer worked.

Rest in peace, Taylor.

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