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Jenelle Evans Buys Another Dangerous Gift, Attacked By Fans

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Jenelle Evans is being attacked for another dangerous gift. The mother of three has gone and purchased something for her youngest child. However, fans are not thrilled with what the Teen Mom alum has chosen for Ensley, 5. Read on to see what she picked out and what the followers had to say.

Jenelle Evans Buys Another Dangerous Gift

It seems like Jenelle just cannot learn her lesson. This summer, she bought her eldest son, Jace a dirtbike. It was supposed to be a special gift for his thirteenth birthday. Of course, her followers were less than impressed with it and felt that it was extremely dangerous. They went on to attack the mother of Jace, Kaiser, and Ensley. Now, she has bought a similar present for her daughter Ensley, who she shares with David Eason. According to The Sun, the 30-year-old bought her little one a pink motorcycle.

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Per Jenelle’s Facebook, she bought her daughter a “Honda 50cc Pink Dirt Bike.” She showcased the new gift both there and on her Isntagram, saying to check it out on her vlog. However, fans were not happy with the choice of gifts for little Ensley. “Dumba*s bought Ensley a motorcycle too,” a commenter wrote. Another added: “Less is safer. It requires coordination, balance & strength, at the same time.”

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Finally, one person chimed in with: “One of the kids (or David) will end up seriously injured (or worse) and they’re going to be screaming for sympathy as if the rest of us didn’t see it coming all along.” This is not the first time fans have expressed concern for Ensley. Over the summer, the family took a trip where they took pictures on a rock. Immediately, they felt that the way Ensley was positioned was far too dangerous. There has also been criticisms about the food Jenelle serves her kids with fans deeming it unhealthy and her house looked at as dirty.

Health Problems Ahead

Aside from the parenting criticisms, Jenelle Evans has been facing a plethora of health problems. She recently revealed that she has battled esophageal spasms for over a decade. Furthermore, she now uses an inhaler which she is struggling to understand the purpose of. Finally, the other day, her husband David asked for prayers for his wife. She has undergone many tests to come to a solution and an answer but nothing is concrete.

Hopefully, she can find out exactly what is wrong sooner rather than later so that she and her kids can live a happy and healthy life together. However, maybe she should lay off of the reckless gifts so that the kids can stay safe, as well. What are your thoughts on little Ensley having a dirt bike? Let us know in the comments below.

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