‘Live’ Where In The World Is Ryan Seacrest?

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Regular Live With Kelly & Ryan viewers may have wondered where Ryan Seacrest has been. The 48-year-old host has been MIA from the morning program and took to Instagram to fill his fans in on where he’s been. So, where in the world is Ryan Seacrest and when can fans expect to see him back on LIVE?

Is Ryan Seacrest On Vacation?

It may come as a surprise but Ryan Seacrest is on vacation. Well, sort of. The Live host doesn’t take many days off. In fact, when he is missing from the set of Live it is usually because he’s taken on additional work.

Right now, he is in Hawaii and it seems like he is living his best life. Some of the snaps he has shared on Instagram show him chomping on a sandwich behind the wheel of a red convertible, eating snacks posed next to the car, and drinking fresh milk from a coconut. However, his trip is actually for business, not pleasure.

Ryan Seacrest Hawaii photo - Instagram
Instagram/Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest captioned his Hawaii photos with an explanation. “Commute to work looks a little different on this Monday. Back in Hawaii, getting ready to shoot for #AmericanIdol this evening!” he wrote.

Fans were quick to hop into the comment section to show support for Ryan. “How do I become part of your world?” one person wrote. Another added, “Living the dream! Blessed 🙌” A few folks even said they were jealous of the gorgeous scenery.

Ryan Seacrest Hawaii photo - Instagram (1)
Instagram/Ryan Seacrest

When Will Ryan Be Back On LIVE?

For now, Ryan will be on the road filming the newest season of American Idol. He has shared a few looks behind the scenes since he’s been in Hawaii.

One of his most recent posts showed a family at the live show. Seacrest brought them up on stage to help them reveal the gender of their new baby. Another recent post promoted the upcoming season of Idol, which will premiere this Sunday.


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Live With Kelly & Ryan fans will be happy to know his hiatus is temporary though. Like with any of the other projects he works on, Ryan Seacrest will be missing the morning program on and off while American Idol is airing.

In the meantime, Kelly Ripa’s husband Mark Consuelos has filled Ryan’s seat. The pair have chatted about a few Valentine’s Day topics in the spirit of the holiday this week.

Although you may not see as much of Ryan Seacrest on Live in the coming weeks, you can still catch him on American Idol on Sundays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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