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‘Live’ Kelly Ripa Loses It Over A Scarf, Warns Show Producer

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Live With Kelly And Ryan host Kelly Ripa lost her cool over a scarf and even warned the show’s producer on-air. The mother of three claimed that she was going to hurt him off camera. As the hosts discussed different topics on Tuesday’s show, the 52-year-old was irked over a repetitive question by producer Michael Gelman. So, what caused Kelly Ripa to fuss over a scarf? Keep reading to find out the details!

Kelly Ripa Says Gelman Keeps Asking If The Scarf Is Done

Four minutes after the show started, Kelly Ripa talked about how getting things done in her house is a big chore.

“Is it a chore?” quipped her co-host Ryan Seacrest. Kelly mentioned how Gelman checks in with her every three minutes making things chaotic at home for her. Ryan queried, “Especially because of all of the Oscar shots right? You’ve got him checking in on those.”

Kelly Ripa Ryan Seacrest YouTube Live With Kelly And Ryan

[Source: YouTube]

However, Kelly clarified it was something else and said, “It’s about the scarf. Is the scarf done? Is it done?”

Kelly Ripa Wants Gelman To Get Off The Phone

The actress then mocked the producer holding a phone between her ear and shoulder while acting like she was knitting a scarf. Kelly Ripa revealed that the producer has been checking in on her every now and then for a scarf she has been knitting for him. She revealed that the scarf would be ready only if he would get off the phone with her and give her time to get the knitting done.

Kelly Ripa Ryan Seacrest YouTube Live With Kelly And Ryan

[Source: YouTube]

She also asked Gelman, “And I was like, ‘It would be done if you would get off the phone with me. Don’t you have bigger fish to fry than scarves?”

Ryan Seacrest tried to reason with Kelly and said, “No because this is content for him.”

Kelly Ripa agreed with her co-host and mentioned, “Non-food content. He gets very itchy when you talk about food.”

Kelly Ripa Warns She Might Hurt Gelman Off Camera

In the clip shared on Live’s YouTube channel, the Hope & Faith alum further revealed that the scarf she is knitting is almost done. However, it needs to be blocked which means she has to soak it and shape it the way she wants. Yet, to everyone’s surprise, the Live Wire author brought the unfinished scarf onto the set and showed it on camera. As the camera focused on the yellow and blue scarf, Ryan even tried it on. Immediately, the lights went dim and music started to play. Gelman said, “try to speak through it, but know we gotcha.”

Kelly Ripa Ryan Seacrest YouTube Live With Kelly And Ryan

[Source: YouTube]

With an annoyed look on her face, Kelly looked at Gelman and warned, “I’m gonna hurt you off camera.”

Ryan asked if Kelly needed some knives to do that, to which, the mother of three said, “Believe me I’ve thought about it. He kept asking me, ‘Is it here? Is it here?’ So, I had to bring it in.”

What do you think of Kelly Ripa’s scarf-saga? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. Who cares about the scars? She kept talking about she was learning the net I don’t blame him for wanting to know when they couldn’t show what it wasn’t as important as she thought it was going to be. I’m still upset about when she had David Muir on and she keeps talking about how she text him while he’s given the nightly news does she think she’s that important to him that he can do it and broadcast the nightly news? Is that why he carries two phones all the time

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