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Fans Beg Ryan Seacrest To Start His Own Restaurant, Why?

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Ryan Seacrest fans are having a change of heart. Some of them are begging the television personality to start his own restaurant. When he’s not working on his many projects, he cooks meals at home. Sometimes, it’s how he spends his weekends.

The American Idol host also shares the secrets behind his culinary dishes. He perfectly slices every vegetable and meat with his own line of knives. Ryan also shares the recipes, most of which are easy to make. Yet, fans want more from the busy guy.

They think he should take on a new venture that can be demanding. Keep on reading to learn more.

Ryan Seacrest With Radio Crew [Screenshot: YouTube]
[Screenshot: YouTube]

Ryan Seacrest makes Instagram fans drool

Earlier this week, Ryan Seacrest admitted he was cold and didn’t know what else to do. So, he wanted to stay home and cook. He revealed to his fans that he made his own turkey sandwich with black striped sea bass, horse radish mustard, and portobello mushroom with parsley and olive oil.

The 48-year-old posted a carousel of photos to his Instagram feed. He also showed off his fishy dish. Of course, the busiest man in entertainment shared photos of him enjoying his dish. Fans were also drooling over the photo.

Ryan Seacrest [Source: Ryan Seacrest - Instagram]
[Source: Ryan Seacrest – Instagram]
Many of them agree that Ryan Seacrest should start his own restaurant. As fans already know, Ryan has his own radio show. He also hosts Idol and Live with Kelly and Ryan. In addition to that, Ryan has many side projects. He produces television shows and has a collection of knives.

What’s one more venture? Fans think he should take on this stressful new business. Here are just some of the comments:

  • “You should open your own restaurant.”
  • “Everything you make looks really good and appetizing.”
  • “Looks and sounds yummy.”
  • “Looks delicious.”
  • “Looks absolutely delicious, I would omit turkey. I’m vegetarian, but sea bass and horseradish yummy.”
  • “Looks so good.”

Some fans say he can’t cut it

This comes after some fans said Ryan Seacrest can’t cut it in the kitchen. Some of them criticized his chopping skills in a previous Instagram post. Last week, Ryan sliced vegetables and herbs with his new handmade knives from the brand Coolina. It’s part of his collaboration and his inspiration to make more home-cooked meals.

“However you slice it, my new chef’s knife set is being put to good use,” Ryan Seacrest wrote in the caption. “Lunch is kale salad with tahini dressing and snapper with sun-dried tomatoes and herbs.”

Ryan Seacrest In The Kitchen [Source: Ryan Seacrest - Instagram]
[Source: Ryan Seacrest – Instagram]
Fans couldn’t help but notice how he held the knife in the photo. Some fans suggested that Ryan Seacrest should get cooking lessons. “Ryan, you need another lesson from a professional on how to hold a knife and cut safely,” one user wrote. “Ryan…Please hold your fancy knives properly! No index finger should be used,” another advised.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Ryan Seacrest should start his own restaurant? Or, do you think he’s too busy and booked? Sound off below in the comment section.

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