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Former ‘American Idol’ Contestant Sues Reality Show

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One of last season’s American Idol contestants filed a lawsuit against the show. According to the former contestant, the show made a laughingstock of her at her audition. The lawsuit is for “wage theft” and she detailed what the contestants have to do once they reach Hollywood.

Here is a look at the lawsuit and what it means for the reality TV series.

American Idol sued for wage theft

In the lawsuit, Normandy Vamos alleged that she should have been paid as an employee based on what American Idol required her to do while on the show. Her attorney pointed out that the show “can break labor laws and exploit ambitious young performers” with the promise they could become the next Carrie Underwood.

Vamos alleges that she and other contestants were forced to remain at a hotel in Los Angeles for up to 15 hours a day without compensation. The lawsuit claimed the rounds where the singers were vying to move on to Hollywood should have been paid under California law since those performances could have aired on American Idol.

Normandy on American Idol / YouTube

This was Vamos’ audition round performance. In the past, people would show up and wait in line to audition on American Idol. Now, the contestants virtually audition and are chosen to come to the audition rounds with the judges in attendance. It is at that time that they had to wait for their turns in the hotel.

Vamos also said that the producers humiliated her in the audition. Fans assumed she showed up with the empty carrot purse and used her high-pitched voice to get attention. However, Vamos said the producers told her to bring the purse and use her high-pitched voice in the audition. She said it humiliated her on national television.

“Reality TV isn’t always real,” Vamos said in a press release. “There’s a lot that happens behind the scenes. Myself and hundreds of people worked about a week with no pay. I think a lot of reality TV participants aren’t aware that they have rights.”

Who is Normandy Vamos from American Idol?

Normandy Vamos was one of the most shocking contestants at the American Idol auditions last season. She walked in with her carrot purse and then started talking in a high-pitch voice that had the judges staring at her shocked. However, while they thought she would end up as a joke contestant, she began to sing.

Katy Perry even walked off, thinking she had been trolled, which caused Normandy to offer to sing a different song if she wanted. It was a funny moment for the series, but it also resulted in Normandy getting a Golden Ticket to Hollywood. However, she never showed up in Hollywood.

According to Normandy, despite getting the Golden Ticket, American Idol called her and told her she was not going to Hollywood after all. She let fans know she didn’t quit the show after moving on. “I got a call from Fremantle, which is the production company, and they told me I would not be going to Hollywood Week,” she said. She then explained that they get a lot of yesses each year and not everyone will move on.

What are your thoughts on Normandy Vamos and her suit against American Idol? Do you think she has a leg to stand on here? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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