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‘American Idol’ Star Says She Never Found Her Place In Music

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One American Idol star said that she could never find her place in the music industry despite succeeding on the show. There have been some enormous stars to come out of the music competition series. However, for Katharine McPhee, she said she could never find success coming out of the series.

Here is what McPhee said about her time on American Idol and why she couldn’t make it in the business.

Katharine McPhee struggled coming out of American Idol

Katharine McPhee was a finalist in the fifth season of American Idol. She lost out to Taylor Hicks, and there are still people to this day who feel she should have won. With that said, Hicks found his place in the music industry. He performed on Broadway, had a national tour, and secured a long-term Las Vegas residency. This seems like a success.

Katharine McPhee on American Idol | YouTube

However, while McPhee also seemed like a success, she doesn’t see it that way. Her debut album peaked at number two on the charts and sold over 381,000 copies. She had a single from that album go gold. She has released five albums over her career and went on to enjoy an acting career in TV shows like Scorpion and movies like The House Bunny. However, for McPhee, her success in the music industry never arrived despite her five albums and chart rankings.

“Listen, if you’re a new artist, an unknown artist, and you sell half a million records on your first album, it’s a huge success,” McPhee said in a recent interview. However, she expected much more coming out of American Idol. “The expectation was a million and above. I remember feeling a lot of pressure and being disappointed.”

Katharine McPhee says she isn’t disappointed by her lack of success

The good news is that she had a nice career in television and on Broadway after American Idol. She starred in the musical Waitress. “I didn’t want to take an indefinite break from singing; I just didn’t really find a place in the recording industry,” she said in the interview. McPhee said she isn’t feeling sorry for herself, she is just being “practical” about her time in the industry. Personally, she has been in a great place, marrying music royalty and RHOBH star, David Foster. The two now have a son.

Katharine McPhee | YouTube

Furthermore, Katharine said that she had a little success here and there. This includes her first album, which was also critically praised. However, she is in no hurry to release another album or record another song until she knows the time is right. At this stage in her life, she feels she can be picky. “People send me songs and I’m like, ‘Nope, that’s not going to be good enough!’ I don’t want to do a good song; I want to do a great song,” she explained. “And sometimes those are really hard to come by.”

Do you feel Katharine McPhee should have been a bigger star in the music industry? Finally, are you excited about the upcoming new season of American Idol? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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