Who Was The Super Bowl Referee Fans Think Ruined The Game?

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A Super Bowl referee has fans mad after a call at the end of the game on Sunday. This helped the Kansas City Chiefs kick the winning field goal, beating the Philadelphia Eagles. Here is a look at who the official was in the Super Bowl and whether he was right in his call.

Who was the Super Bowl referee fans are mad at?

The play in question came on the Kansas City Chiefs’ last drive of the game. The score was tied and the Chiefs were trying to drive down the field and score to win in regulation. Patrick Mahomes was looking to throw a touchdown pass to JuJu Smith-Schuster. However, the pass sailed about 10 yards away from the receiver.

Super Bowl referee / YouTube

Yet, at that moment, one Super Bowl referee threw a flag and called holding on Philadelphia Eagles’ cornerback James Bradberry. This did not make fans happy – especially since that put the Chiefs in field goal range with a minute left in the game. Mahomes got the Chiefs closer when the Eagles seemed to be ready to give up a touchdown.

If Mahomes had scored, the Eagles would have had time left to run some plays to try to score themselves. However, Mahomes dropped to the turf and then the Chiefs called a timeout with time to kick a field goal. The Eagles had only one play to try to score after this and lost the Super Bowl.

Fans blamed the referee but who was the Super Bowl referee that people are mad at? This was Carl Cheffers, who was officiating his third Super Bowl on Sunday. Cheffers is known for calling a lot of penalties, averaging 12.59 a game, which is 1.48 more calls than average. He is also very experienced, with 15 years as an NFL referee.

Fans rushed to social media, blaming him for ruining the game and claiming he helped the Chiefs win the Super Bowl. Though, while unpopular, Carl Cheffers made the right call.

Philadelphia Eagles agreed with the call

The Philadelphia Eagles agreed with the call on the field, even though they didn’t like it and it cost them the game. In the play, Smith-Schuster was preparing to run an out, but Bradberry grabbed his uniform and kept him from making his cut. This is why the ball was out of reach.

Super Bowl referee penalty call / YouTube

When asked about the call after the game, Bradberry admitted he was guilty of holding on the play. “I was hoping he would let it go, but of course, he’s a ref, it was a big game,” Bradberry said. “It was a hold, so they called it.”

While penalties are always a point of contention for fans, in this case, the Super Bowl referee was correct in his call.

What were your thoughts on the Super Bowl on Sunday? Did that one call by the Super Bowl referee ruin it for you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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