‘Super Bowl 2023’: Is Rihanna Pregnant?



Super Bowl fans want to know if Rihanna is pregnant. Social media went crazy during her halftime show and it was not about her performance. Yet, what were they saying about the singer, and has an announcement been made? Read on for more details.

Is Rihanna Pregnant?

Fans were thrilled when Rihanna took the stage for the halftime show. In fact, this is the highlight for those who are not super into football. She emerged floating in the air, singing songs her fans love. Surrounding her were fellow floaters decked out in white, ready to dance up a storm. She was right in the middle dressed head to toe in red and many were excited to see what she would be wearing. Not only is Rihanna an amazing performer but also a fashion icon. Furthermore, she welcomed her first child in May 2o22 so it was a big deal to see her postpartum figure.

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However, that was not what anyone noticed. No one even really cared about her singing but rather a noticeable bump she had on display. Though she wore a long coat, toward the end she added another, her red jumper was unzipped just enough to show somewhat of a belly. Immediately, fans flocked to Twitter to chat about this. “So is Rihanna pregnant or am I tripping?” one tweeted. Another added: “LMAO not my mom and I calling each other to confirm we are seeing Rihanna is pregnant again.”

It did not stop and now it is trending like wildfire.

  • “Rihanna pregnant?!??? thats a solid belly”

However, the performer kept fans guessing the entire time as she never officially confirmed that she is expecting her second baby. Instead, she did not dance as much as she normally would. Plus, her clothes were very baggy and she kept her eyes expressive. Still, everyone seems to want to know more than they care about who will win the game.

Big Reveals

If Rihanna is pregnant, she would be following in the reveal footsteps of Beyonce and Keke Palmer. Beyonce shared she was pregnant with Blue Ivy on stage at the 2011 VMAs. She opened her jacket and there was her baby bump. As for Palmer, she was hosting SNL when she did something similar to Beyonce with the big reveal. Now, fans wait to see if there is a bun in the Rihanna oven or if she was just playing with everyone. Either way, she went viral and hopefully, she is thrilled with the way the show played out.

Do you think that Rihanna is pregnant and this was her big reveal? Or has she just not lost all of her baby weight and was showing she is comfortable with her body? Either way, slay queen and let us know in the comments below.

*Rihanna’s rep has confirmed that the singer is expecting her second baby with A$AP Rocky. Congrats to the growing family.


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