Inside Al Roker & Craig Melvin’s Heated Super Bowl Debates

Craig Melvin & Al Roker

Al Roker and Craig Melvin continue to get into heated debates about the Super Bowl. In the latest one, the weatherman hinted that his co-host is cheap. Keep on reading to learn more.

Craig Melvin admits his fault

On Friday’s broadcast of The Today Show, Al Roker called out Craig Melvin on the air. His co-host admitted his fault. Craig co-hosted the third hour of the morning show with Al, Sheinelle Jones, and Dylan Dreyer. They spoke to business and data reporter, Brian Chung. They talked about how much Americans will spend on Super Bowl Sunday.

Some hang out at the bars or go tailgating, while others will throw a party at home. Craig told Brian how much tickets to the big game cost. He also mentioned how much people will spend on food this year. Brian shared that the average cost for a hot dog and beer was $18, which had Craig in a state of panic.

Craig Melvin & Al Roker Riff [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
“That’s shameful! $18 for a hot dog and beer? That is shameful,” Craig exclaimed.”They should throw in the hot dog!”

“I can see [Craig’s son] Dell now at the stadium,” Al Roker jumped in and mocked his co-host. “‘Daddy, can we have a hot dog?’ ‘No! I brought this bag of popcorn in here. You can eat that and be happy.'”

Dylan and Sheinelle laughed in unison. Craig pointed his finger at Al and admitted his own fault. “You know me well,” he said with a smile on his face. Al Roker laughed and told the viewers at home: “Eat before you go.” They moved on with more ideas and stats about Super Bowl Sunday.

Al Roker mocks the Jacksonville Jaguars

Al Roker got into another heated argument about the Super Bowl. This came after Craig made a “mean joke” about the NFL playoff game. He mocked the Jacksonville Jaguars for losing to the Kansas City Chiefs, who are playing in the Super Bowl. Craig shared a cartoon of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes eating waffles with his coach Andy Reid on his Instagram feed.

The sign above them reads: “Reserved championship-bound teams ONLY.” Behind them was Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence looking sad as he stacked up the chairs. He was dressed up as one of the servers.

Craig Melvin Pokes Fun At Jacksonville Jaguars [Screenshot: Craig Melvin - Instagram]
[Screenshot: Craig Melvin – Instagram]
Craig captioned the post: “Mean but funny.” Al Roker took to the comment section to react to the joke. He simply wrote: “Ouch.” Fans also didn’t like the cruel joke that Craig posted. Most of them called him out for being “spiteful” and “out-of-character” even though he loves to riff with his co-anchors on The Today Show.

What are your thoughts on Al Roker and Craig Melvin’s heated Super Bowl debates? Who are you rooting for this weekend? Sound off below in the comment section.

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