Super Bowl Sunday Provokes ‘Cocaine Bear’ Trend, Why?

Cocaine Bear/YouTube

Who and what exactly is Cocaine Bear taking over the Super Bowl? It appears that this giant bear is everywhere, even tweeting up a storm. So, where did it originally come from and why is it making waves now? Read on for more details.

Who Is Cocaine Bear?

If you think you are seeing Cocaine Bear everywhere right now, you probably are. This title is trending as the most popular football game of the year is being played. So, who exactly is this character? According to People, it is a new movie from the brainchild of Elizabeth Banks about a bear who does cocaine. Yet, the actress did not just dream this concept up. It is actually based on a real-life event that happened back in 1985. However, it was not as of the bear was a real party animal.

Cocaine Bear/YouTube
[Credit: YouTube]
Apparently, the bear accidentally ingested seventy pounds of cocaine which did a number on the animal as it weighed 175 pounds. How exactly did the bear accidentally get its hands on so much of the drug? It seems that it was being smuggled in and the bear opened the bag and consumed the contents. Sadly, the bear did not survive but was discovered surrounded by empty drug containers. Essentially, it is considered a “violent comedy.”

Cocaine Bear/YouTube
[Credit: YouTube]
At one point, Ray Liotta says this: “A lot of cocaine was lost. I need you to go get it.” This is one of the actor’s last films and what a way to go out. In a twist, the bear goes crazy after all of the cocaine it has done so who is more frustrated- Liotta or Cocaine Bear? Yet, why is this film trending on Super Bowl Sunday? More so, shouldn’t it be all about Rihanna and football?

The Bear Tweets Away

Cocaine Bear has started tweeting away. Furthermore, it is responding to everything that it sees on social media before and during the Super Bowl. However, instead of using the hashtag #superbowl, it appropriately uses #SuperBlow.

At one point, the bear even went up against soda giant, Pepsi to show them who was boss.

So, why is the bear so popular aside from being funny? Why has it gone viral when the film has yet to be released? It appears that people are quite taken with the animal and sympathize with it. Moreover, it may just be the idea that this actually happened in real life and there was a bear who went on an accidental bender. Either way, Cocaine Bear is the clear winner of the Super Blow- Bowl.

What do you think of Cocaine Bear and its popularity? Will you go see the film when it is released on February 24th? Let us know in the comments below.

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