‘Sister Wives’ Mykelti Padron Shares Her Babies’ Mohawks

Mykelti Padron from Instagram

TLC’s Mykelti Padron couldn’t be happier to be a mother of three. Fans that follow her on Instagram can frequently see her out with her children having a wonderful time.

The Padrons’ welcomed their twin boys into the world back in November. Their daughter Avalon will be two years old this fall. And despite the fact that she just gave birth a few months ago, Mykelti Padron looks absolutely fantastic.

It will be a while before the Padron twins are running around the house, but Mykelti still finds ways to have fun with them. Keep reading and see the new hairdos she gave them.

Mykelti Padron has fun giving her boys new hairstyles

Balancing three children under the age of two can’t be easy, but Mykelti Padron makes it all look so simple. The 26-year-old is always uploading fun photos of things she did with the little ones.

Recently, Mykelti joined a few of her sisters and their mother Christine for brunch. She brought little Avalon along with and laughed as the little girl devoured raspberries and got the juice all over her face.

Mykelti Padron and Avalon Padron from Instagram
Mykelti Padron/Instagram

Fans have loved watching Avalon grow up over the past few years. Now, they can’t wait to see twins Ace and Archer grow up too.

Mykelti gave the boys a fun hairstyle this week in form of a mohawk. She uploaded the photo to her Instagram stories so fans couldn’t leave comments. However, plenty of fans likely adored the photo. It’s just too cute for words!

Mykelti Padron's twins from Instagram, Ace and Archer
Mykelti Padron/Instagram

Sister Wives fans hope that Mykelti and Tony Padron continue to post more photos of the little ones as they age.

What do you think about the mohawk look on Ace and Archer? Share your ideas in the comments.

The TLC star speaks up about the allegations against Meri Brown

As an adult, it seems like Mykelti Brown Padron is happily living her best life. But based on newly released information, it seems like her childhood wasn’t quite so charming.

Christine Brown publically said that she ended her relationship with Meri Brown. Shortly after, Christine’s son Paedon appeared on a podcast and said that Meri tormented him and his siblings when they were younger. And on her own Patreon, Mykelti spoke about her own personal experiences with Meri.

In her own video, the 26-year-old asserted that she didn’t remember any physical abuse coming from Meri. However, she does remember how cruelly Meri treated her as a little girl. According to Mykelti, it seems as if there was a significant amount of emotional and verbal abuse.

Now that multiple children have spoken up about Meri Brown, many Sister Wives viewers think TLC will part ways with her before Season 18 premieres.

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