Mykelti Padron Shares ‘Personal Experiences’ With Meri Brown

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Mykelti Padron is, once again, opening up about her personal experiences with Meri Brown. Meri, who was married to Mykelti’s father for over thirty years, has quite a controversial past. Mykelti has spoken out about some of her issues with his now ex-wife but it is far from over. There’s more to the story and the mother of three is not holding back her truth. What did she have to say? Read on for more details.

Mykelti Padron Shares ‘Personal Experiences’ With Meri Brown

When Mykelti Padron announced that she was starting her own Patreon, no one knew what to expect. She was doing it with her husband, Tony so fans knew that it would contain family-friendly content. However, Mykelti did say that she would be talking about Sister Wives, as well but no one knew in which capacity. She seemed to have a really great relationship with her father, Kody’s fourth wife, Robyn. For now, it appears that Meri is the main former sister wife who is definitely not off the table.

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First off, Mykelti Padron accused Meri of cheating and being unfaithful to Kody when she was in the midst of her catfishing incident. Though she never met the person, this did not seem to matter. Shortly before that Patreon, Mykelti’s brother Paedon Brown revealed that Meri has been abusive. Now, Mykelti is opening up about these claims which Katie Joy from @withoutacrystalball got from TikTok. she starts by saying that she wrote out her statement and she has it in her hands.

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Though she cannot speak for her siblings, Mykelti Padron does not recall any physical abuse. However, she does remember being emotionally and verbally abused by Meri. She did this until the children were old enough to fight back and Mykelti believes that she received the brunt of it. Her siblings even verified that for her. More so, she did share that they both sell LuLaRoe so they do cross paths. They are cordial but Mykelti emphasized that Meri will never be a part of her, Tony’s, or her family’s lives.

Christine’s Past With Meri

Mykelti Padron’s mother, Christine Brown has had a tainted past with Meri, as well. Kody’s former third wife opened up about this during the Sister Wives Season 17 tell-all. She explained that she had to end her friendship with Meri as it was no longer safe for her. Additionally, she revealed that Meri would make fun of her in front of family members. This was something that Meri had done in the early stages of second wife, Janelle’s marriage to Kody. So, this is just a pattern that Meri happens to have and maybe she just does not like anyone who came in between her and Kody.

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  1. Let us all just give it a rest. I do believe the children. But also understand Meri has to make peace with whom she is and was. May have been bitter to the kids as a protective issue. Altho she was pretty harsh to Mariah now Leon. That may explain some of the identity stuff with whole family. Kody just as manipulative as Meri and trained her well. My opinion. This family needs to sort out the sordid details and let it rest as far as a religion. Balderdash all of it— adults being children bringing children into a very mixed up mess so called religious marriages.

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