Mykelti Padron Calls BS On Robyn Being Queen Of Communication

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Mykelti Padron is calling BS on Robyn Brown being the queen of communication. Her father, Kody firmly believed that his fourth wife had the best skills when it came to communicating. It was one of the reasons why their marriage was so strong and how they were able to work through their issues. However, his daughter with his ex-wife Christine is disputing this claim in a recent Patreon Q&A session. Read on for more details about what Myketi had to say.

Mykelti Padron Calls BS On Robyn Being Queen Of Communication

It seems like Robyn Brown has been the prized wife for a long time now. Kody had praised her communication skills and she likes to think that she has the ability to talk and stick it out. However, Mykelti Padron is speaking out on this and calling BS. Though she and her father’s fourth and only legal wife have a close history, she has no problem being honest. In her recent Patreon with her husband, Tony, she answered a lot of fan questions. Furthermore, she opened up in a way that she had not previously.

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A Redditor broke down the entire Patreon session for those who missed it and this is what Mykelti had to say about Robyn’s communication skills. Yes, she does agree with Robyn that the family has communication issues within the family. It has been noted that the Browns just sweep things under the rug and then it explodes. This is clear by the way Kody has just lashed out all through Season 17. She then went on to talk about Robyn as a communicator herself.

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“Mykelti says it is BS when Kody says Robyn is the best communicator in the family, she agrees Robyn is a good communicator but other members of the family are too,” she noted. So this means that they can communicate as a family, they just need some assistance in that area. Unfortunately, that may never happen as three wives have left Kody since 2021 starting with Mykelti’s mother, Christine.

Hating On Meri

Though she disputed the claims about Robyn being the best communicator, it was Meri who Mykelti Padron went the hardest on. Her father’s former first wife was embroiled in a catfishing incident almost a decade ago. This led Mykelti to call her out on being unfaithful therefore she believes that Meri gave up on the marriage first. For many years, Meri has maintained that she needed more from Kody which led her to seek companionship online. However, when she asked him to leave so she could have space, she never expected him not to return. Meri tried to make it work over the years but it never worked. Mykelti Padron believes that cheating was the reason. She will talk more about Meri at a later time.

Do you agree with Mykelti Padron that Robyn is not the only good communicator in the family? More so, do you like her honesty? Let us know in the comments below.

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