Mykelti Padron: Not All Brown Kids Watch ‘Sister Wives’

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Mykelti Padron is letting it be known that not all of the Brown kids watch Sister Wives. Though some of her siblings are making a living off of rewatching episodes, that’s not her. In her recent Patreon, she and her husband, Tony went live and answered a lot of fan questions. They were actually fairly honest. One thing Christine and Kody’s daughter addressed was whether or not she watched the long-running series. Here’s what she had to say.

Mykelti Padron: Not All Brown Kids Watch Sister Wives

If fans ever wondered if all Brown children watch Sister Wives, Mykelti Padron has the answer for that. Despite her sister, Gwendlyn making money off of watching the show and putting it on YouTube, that does not work for Mykelti. She admits that she is not someone who can or will watch the show. A Reddit thread came out, which summed up her and Tony’s entire Patreon conversation plus their many revelations. One of them was about watching the series.

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Apparently, “Mykelti and Tony do not like watching the show because she doesn’t want it to alter their relationship with people or what they think about them.” Now, that is not to say that she has not watched it before but it seems she does not like the way that they are edited and portrayed. Therefore, to stay fair and balanced, she and Tony just stay away from the show as a whole. Fans reacted to a lot of what happened during the Patreon.

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Yet, one had this to say: “When I saw Mykelti force everyone to participate in that awkward ass farewell to Christine and Truely I knew on that day that Mykelti is soooo far removed from what is actually going on in that family.” That could have been a clear indication that she simply just goes by word of mouth. She has not actually seen the damaging and sad footage of the demise of her parents’ marriage. However, no one really knows what goes on behind closed doors.

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Mykelti Padron also opened up about her father’s first wife, Meri Brown cheating. She claims that even though Meri was having an online relationship, she was still being unfaithful. In Mykelti’s mind, Meri pushed Kody away. More so, there were phone calls between Meri and the catfisher which were heard by her child, Leon. They were quite intimate which made it even more disturbing. Mykelti’s brother, Paedon has already opened up about Meri being abusive, something that his sister will get to down the line.

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