‘SW’ Fans In Shock By Mykelti Padron’s Strength

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Sister Wives fans are in shock at Mykelti Padron’s strength after she just gave birth to her twins. It is said that it takes someone strong to raise a child and the mother of three is proving it right. The TLC star welcomed her twins, Archer and Ace, on November 17, 2022. While she has dedicated all her time to her newborn babies, she has also ensured that her eldest child, Avalon, doesn’t feel neglected. So, why are fans in awe of Mykelti’s strength? Keep reading to find out the details!

Mykelti Padron Aces It As Avalon’s Mamasaurus

On Saturday, Mykelti’s husband Tony Padron took to Instagram to share a fun and sweet clip with fans. In the video, the 26-year-old was seen playing with her daughter Avalon. She gave her one-year-old daughter a ride on her back and fans were amazed at her strength. The video was captioned, “Avalon on her favorite ride, Mamasaurus!”

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One surprised fan wrote, “Girl how are you this ok rn? I was dying for ages after my c-section!”

“What won’t a momma do for her precious little girl,” said another.

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A third fan noted, “Your house is so beautiful and tidy.”

Fans Feel Mykelti And Robyn’s Relationship Is Fake

While fans appreciated Mykelti Padron for maintaining a clean house, they have bashed Robyn for allegedly keeping her house unclean. Kody’s favorite wife, who shares a good relationship with Mykelti has been called out by fans for being lazy. They even feel that this is the reason she and Kody don’t allow TLC cameras to shoot inside their house.

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Although Robyn attended both of Mykelti’s deliveries, one virtually and one in person, fans speculate their relationship isn’t real. During the early years of Sister Wives, Mykelti used to live with Robyn taking care of her young kids. Fans speculate she basically served as Robyn’s stay-at-home nanny that doesn’t get paid.

Mykelti Padron Fakes It For Her Father Kody Brown’s Love

On the other hand, Sister Wives fans feel Mykelti Padron has maintained her relationship with Robyn to stay close to her father.

“Even though I know that I have 100 percent support from Mykelti, I know that she also supports Robyn 100 percent. She can balance like nobody I know,” said Christine in her confessional.

After a heated discussion where Kody, Robyn, and Meri walked away from Christine, Robyn was worried that this tension in the family might affect her relationship with Mykelti. However, the mother of three maintained that she doesn’t wish to take sides.

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Assuring Robyn, she said, “You’re still mom, Robyn.”

Tony jumped in supporting her wife’s statement, and said, “And Grandma.”

“That’s just my biggest thing is making sure our relationship continues, and it’s based on what goes on in our relationship,” replied Robyn.

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