Christine Brown, Mykelti Padron, and Avalon Padron from Instagram

Christine Brown’s Granddaughter Steals Hearts With Messy Face

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Now that Christine Brown has completely moved on from Kody, she’s absolutely living her best life. She’s spent more time with her children and grandchildren over the past few weeks. And on top of that, it seems like she has a new boyfriend too.

Sister Wives fans are happy to see that Christine Brown is happy and thriving these days. But no man will ever compete with the time she gets to spend with her grandkids.

So far, Mykelti Brown Padron is the only one of Christine’s children to have kids of her own. She gave birth to twin boys in late 2022 and her daughter Avalon will be two years old this spring.

After all the onscreen chaos and drama, fans are delighted to catch quiet, happy glimpses of Christine and her children spending time together.

Recently, Christine and her granddaughter Avalon went to brunch together. And the photos were just too cute to believe.

Christine Brown enjoys a fun brunch with Avalon

Sister Wives fans can clearly see that Christine Brown is an incredibly devoted mother and grandmother. And what better way to spend time together than to enjoy a nice brunch?

Christine Brown and Avalon Padron from Instagram
Christine Brown/Instagram

Instagram posts from the family reveal that Christine, Mykelti, Ysabel, and Truely went to brunch together with little Avalon. And in true toddler fashion, Avalon couldn’t help but make a mess. As it turns out, the little girl really loves raspberries.

“Brunch Date for the win 🙌” Mykelti Padron captioned an incredibly sweet Instagram post. “Miss Avalon licked her raspberries bowl at one point and it was perfect! Then she climbed into my sweater and found her happy place.”

The mother of three uploaded several cute photos, including a few with raspberries all over Avalon’s face.

Mykelti Padron with Avalon Padron, Instagram
Mykelti Padron/Instagram

“Her face in the first photo is the cutest 😍” Mykelti’s sister-in-law Michelle Petty wrote in the comments.

“Agreed!!! She’s gotten used to smiling at cameras LOL,” Mykelti replied.

Several of Mykelti’s followers chimed in and added that the photos were just too cute for words — especially the raspberry photos.

Which photo is your favorite? Share your opinions in the comments.

Mykelti Padron impresses fans with her post-baby weight loss

After giving birth, many women feel self-conscious about their size. All bodies are different and it’s easier for some women to lose the weight than others. Fans can’t be sure what Mykelti Pardon did to lose weight after delivering twins, but they can agree that she looks absolutely amazing.

The Sister Wives star gave birth to twin boys in November 2022. But as of February 2023, few would guess that she was recently pregnant at all. In just three months, Mykelti has managed to completely melt off the baby weight. This week, the mother of three uploaded a photo of herself on Instagram looking incredibly trim in a cute leopard print blouse. Followers could hardly believe their eyes!

Stay tuned for more news and updates on Christine Brown and the rest of her family. There will be more news to share, so check back regularly.

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