Mykelti Padron’s Pregnancy Weight Melts Away: See New Pic

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Mykelti Padron just keeps on dropping the pounds and showing off her amazing postpartum figure. The mother of three just blew fans’ minds in a snug leopard mock-neck turtleneck. Now, she continues to amaze in her latest snap and it is hard to believe that she just had twins less than three months ago. Read on for more details and to see the weight just melt away.

Mykelti Padron’s Pregnancy Weight Melts Away: See New Pic

It’s been less than three months since Mykelti Padron welcomed her twin boys, Ace and Archer. However, she has bounced back like no other. Her postpartum body is amazing and fans cannot help but stop, stare, and comment. She has admitted that she has been lacking sleep with three under two. More so, she runs on coffee and still promotes Plexus but it seems that having three kids has totally changed her relationship with her body.

Mykelti Padron/IG

Mykelti is always on the go with her kids, even getting down on the floor to give her almost two-year-old daughter, Avalon pony rides. She appears to have endless amounts of energy and has been showing it off a lot lately. The other day, she showed off her trim tummy in a snug leopard top and slim jeans. Now, she is once again showing off how the pounds are literally just melting away like never before. In a post from her husband, Tony Padron’s Instagram account, he got candid with his wife and Avalon.

Tony and Mykelti Padron/IG

They are promoting the upcoming Super Bowl with the Chiefs versus the Eagles. While doing so, Mykelti Padron showed off how she just keeps dropping the pounds. There were no expectations after having twins but she has far exceeded everything. “You both look amazing!!” one person noted. Another added: You two look amazeballs! My heart is bursting with happiness for your family! It’s exactly like it should be… spending the superbowl with great family and food!! Have a great time and congrats to Christine! Love that she is living her life with someone who loves her!!”

A Great New Beginning

As fans gush over how great Mykelti Padron looks and how amazing her family is, they also have something else to talk about. Her mother, Christine Brown recently announced that she was in an exclusive relationship. More so, she was beaming as she opened up about how wonderful he was. It seems that Backwoods Barbi may have figured out his identity but only time will tell. Away from Kody, this family is thriving and happier than ever.

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