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Todd Chrisley’s Attorney QUITS Due To Nonpayment

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There has been a shocking new development in Chrisley Knows Best news: One of Todd Chrisley’s attorneys has QUIT due to nonpayment. The official letter from Todd Chrisley’s lawyer withdrawing as a legal representation of the reality TV star surfaced on Reddit and is now making rounds on social media.

Was it Alex Little (who did an interview with ET a few weeks ago) who withdrew? Or, was it a different attorney who has decided to walk away from the Chrisley family? Keep reading to learn what details have been made available.

Todd Chrisley Youtube
Todd Chrisley Youtube

Todd Chrisley’s attorney quits due to nonpayment

The first big question Chrisley Knows Best fans have after learning Todd’s lawyer quit due to nonpayment is simple: Was it Alex Little? A quick skim of the letter shared on Reddit reveals it was NOT Alex Little that quit. While fans weren’t completely sure of the spelling because of the slightly hard-to-read letterhead, the lawyer’s name appeared to be “Chris Anulewicz.”

One Chrisley Knows Best fan proceeded to clarify a little bit of information about who this particular attorney is.

No. Alex Little, did the ET interview. The one who sent the nonpayment letter is Chris Anulewicz (sp). He is another attorney who is representing the Chrisleys in various lawsuits. In this letter, Todd is being sued by Amy Doherty-Heinz. Doherty-Heinz has filed a civil lawsuit and is requesting a jury trial. I hope she is awarded tons of money!! I wonder who will be paid first, the restitution or Doherty-Heinz? Also, if he doesn’t have a lawyer to represent him, the civil suit will not be dropped. It will continue. He might have to represent himself if he doesn’t pay for a lawyer.

Other fans chimed in hoping that this new development works in Amy’s favor and she’s able to sue Todd Chrisley for tons of money because of it.

Fans think this is just the beginning

Now, this particular letter has been posted on a few different Reddit communities dedicated to the Chrisley family. Being behind bars, Todd and his wife Julie are no longer able to make money. Their reality TV shows were all canceled. And, they owe a rather hefty restitution. Presently, financial experts have confirmed Todd and Julie will have to sell some of their real estate just to pay the restitution. Their lawyer, however, did say during an interview they have not made plans to pay because they believe they’ll get a retrial.

Todd Chrisley - youtube
Todd Chrisley – youtube

As Todd and Julie Chrisley continue to insist they are innocent and push for a retrial, fans point out that they are bleeding money into the legal fees resulting from their life. Likewise, fans assume a chunk of their funds has also gone to Savannah to pay for Chloe and Grayson. So, fans assume this attorney is only the first of many to quit due to nonpayment as court documents reveal the family has a history of not paying dues.

Are you surprised Todd Chrisley’s attorney quit due to nonpayment? Or, do you think this is going to keep happening? Share your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Chrisley Knows Best news.

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  1. I think that the others will start leaving you work you need to get paid, but Savanna needs to go and ask for help for the children and not be so proud, she’s not rich ant more, she needs to come down to a leave as for common people.
    she was not found to be guilty of anything so maybe she can get money for those kids so she can support them, there’s many ways out there. God bless her the children.

      1. The whole situation is a tragedy. I hate to see things like this. I believe that they are innocent. If they truly do need money to pay the attorney, someone set up a Go Fund Me for the attorney fees. Have it set up to go directly to the attorney. I pray for the family. I hope someone is taking good care of Nanny Faye. She really makes the show. God bless the family.

  2. The kids have a hefty net worth and they should pay attorney for their parents. Forget about an appeal…just a waste of money. If they only showed some remorse to the judge, I believe the outcome would have been much better.

  3. I read that Savannah will not shut up about prison life for her family! First one thing then another is wrong. She should blame her parents for putting the entire family in this situation. This is not a country club setting..not suppose to be. This family is so spoiled from having it all, but this is the price paid when you break the law. They are no better than anyone else in there! I think Savannah needs to see a “shrink” to help her cope with it!

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