The Real Reason Todd Chrisley Left Savannah In Charge?

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One big question Chrisley Knows Best fans have is simple: Why did Todd Chrisley leave his daughter Savannah in charge? The father and daughter have gone head to head on Instagram when she posted about her interest in getting a golden retriever. Todd shut his daughter down in the comments claiming that she was hardly responsible enough for a dog. To be more specific, he pointed out that she would likely forget to feed the dog on her way out the door for an appointment.

Savannah Chrisley Struggles After Todd Chrisley's Guilty Verdict [E! News | YouTube]
[E! News | YouTube]
Now, this entire interaction between Todd and Savannah was removed from Instagram when she deleted the post. But, not before screenshots of the interaction made rounds on social media. Knowing that this interaction happened, fans have to wonder why he left his daughter Savannah in charge. If he didn’t think she could handle a dog, why did he think she could handle being the guardian of Grayson and Chloe?

According to recent chatter on Reddit, fans believe they finally have their answer to this question. The real reason why Todd left his daughter Savannah in charge.

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Why did Todd Chrisley really leave Savannah in charge?

On RedditChrisley Knows Best fans are in agreement that Todd Chrisley is very much the head of his family. Despite nearly all of his children being adults, he still makes all of the decisions. This included playing an instrumental role in Savannah and Nic’s wedding plans which some fans believe is the real reason why the relationship didn’t work out. In the same regard, fans agree that Todd being behind bars could actually mean Emmy and Chase’s marriage stands a chance if they get married while he is behind bars.

The big question fans have is whether Todd is still calling the shots from behind bars. Most fans are in agreement that Todd Chrisley is likely very much trying to continue to pull the strings from behind bars. In fact, fans point out that is likely the real reason he left Savannah in charge. She is the closest to him and the easiest for him to control. So, at the end of the day, it would make sense for him to leave her in charge. She is the most likely to continue to follow his orders with him behind bars.

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What do you think about what fans have to say about Todd Chrisley continuing to pull Savannah’s strings from behind bars? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more news on the latest fan chatter.

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