Savannah Chrisley Deletes Post After Todd Embarrasses Her

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Savannah Chrisley made the decision to delete an Instagram post after her father Todd embarrassed her during a heated exchange in the comments. What was the post about exactly that she deleted? How did Todd embarrass his daughter in the comments? What did they get in a heated exchange about? Keep reading for the details and to see some screenshots of the heated conversation.

Savannah and Todd Chrisley get in heated exchange

As TvShowsAce has previously reported, Savannah Chrisley took to Instagram to share a sweet video of herself with a beautiful golden retriever. Spending time snuggling this furbaby had Savannah wondering if she needed a golden retriever to call her own. Defending her idea, she discussed some of the benefits of introducing a pet into her world.

Savannah Chrisley -Instagram
Savannah Chrisley -Instagram

In response to her post, her father Todd was quick to shut down the idea. He went into detail regarding all the demands a dog (or any pet) requires. He also reminded Savannah a golden retriever would shed all over her house. Moreover, Todd implied Savannah had tried to get a pet before and it didn’t work out.

Savannah Chrisley fired back at her father annoyed by his negativity. She proceeded to throw shade at him saying a dog was perfect because it would love her without talking back. Todd, however, was quick to match her energy throwing shade right back by implying he believed she would forget to feed the poor dog.

Savannah Chrisly - Todd chrisley -dog comments

Did he take things too far?

In response to the heated exchange, most fans seemingly agreed with Todd. They couldn’t picture Savannah having time to take care of a dog. Likewise, they also worried she would forget to take care of the dog properly. This Instagram post has since been deleted from Savannah’s profile. Savannah Chrisley didn’t mention the post again nor did she put the post back up with the comments. So, fans are now assuming she made the decision to delete it because of how hard her father came for her in the comments. Did he embarrass her with his criticism?

Do you think Savannah Chrisley deleted the post because her father embarrassed her in the comments or was there some other reason for axing this Instagram post? Was Todd Chrisley out of line? Let us know what you think in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Chrisley news.

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  1. Todd Chrisley is ALWAYS out of line, controlling and pushy when it comes to his kids. I would tell Savannah to remember she is an adult and rich on her own with products she created without Todd’s help. He can only control you, spy on you and force his opinion on you IF YOU LET HIM. He needs to respect you and to stop trying to force you to do what he wants. You are your own person and you need to stand up to him and tell him how you feel and that you aren’t asking him, you’re telling him! Grow some balls girl. Run it by your mom and Nanny. They are both very wise women and will steer you in the right direction! Good luck and God bless you!

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