Grayson & Chloe Chrisley Custody Arrangement Revealed

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With the verdict for Todd and Julie Chrisley’s sentencing in, the big question everyone has is simple: Is there a custody arrangement in place for Grayson and Chloe? Unsurprisingly, Todd and Julie’s family have made plans for what will happen to Grayson and Chloe should they both end up in jail. The real question was whether these plans would be shared with the public. After all, the family is under no obligation to share this information with anyone. Being reality TV stars, however, fans can’t help but want answers.

Fortunately, the family has shared the custody arrangement plans for Grayson and Chloe Chrisley following Todd and Julie’s sentencing verdict.

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Todd and Chrisley’s sentencing verdict is out

As TvShowsAce previously reported, the verdict was dropped yesterday evening. The judge ordered both Todd and Julie to do time behind bars for their crimes. Their accountant was sentenced to three years behind bars, Todd was sentenced to 12 years, and Julie was sentenced to seven.

Both Julie and Todd begged the court to stagger their sentences so Julie could continue to be the caregiver for Chloe, Grayson, and Nanny Faye (who is currently battling bladder cancer). The judge, however, dropped the hammer and refused to honor this request. The judge noted that tons of other people find themselves in the same situation and accommodations are not made for them either.

Grayson and Chloe Chrisley custody arrangement revealed

On YouTube, Savannah Chrisley dropped the newest episode of her podcast. The episode will be available for streaming everywhere else later today. Early on in the podcast, Savannah did reveal what the plans were as far as custody of Chloe and Grayson Chrisley is concerned. She explained that depending on how things went with the verdict, she could find herself coming home from court with custody of her brother Grayson and her niece/sister, Chloe.

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Chrisley Knows Best fans admit their hearts are broken for both Chloe and Grayson (more so Chloe). Chloe is a lot younger than Grayson and already lost her mother and father once when she was very young. Fans worry about how confusing things are going to be for Chloe with Savannah stepping in as her new mother figure. Likewise, fans also worry about whether Savannah is capable of raising Chloe and Grayson without the help of her parents.

How do you feel knowing the plan is for Savannah Chrisley to take custody of both Grayson and Chloe? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more on Chrisley Knows Best.

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  1. I knew Savannah would step up to the plate. She is selfless and good person. Irregardless of all the privileges she has HEART for others. Hope she finds a mate that helps her with the custody and have a life of her own.

    1. People can judge Todd and Julie all they want. I believe that they raised good children. Savanna is a doll. Todd and Julie won’t have to worry about the kids. She will step up.

  2. I love this arrangement, this is what I was hoping for if Todd and Julie had to go to jail, my prayers for all the family and especially the kids and nanny!

    1. I pray that they will not go to prison. I think they have suffered enough. Hang in there family especially Nanny Faye. Love this family.

  3. Personally I think the sentence was too much! There are people out there that commit murder and get a slap on the wrist, just saying!!

    1. exactly. There are people who’ve stolen far more, for far longer and are able to use government money to fight that they never have to pay for their crimes. It’s sad that some people get thrown under the bus while others are allowed to keep living the good life and insulting anyone who speaks against them.

  4. So relived Chole and Grayson will be with Savannah , not taking anything away from Chase but I believe Savannah is the best choice

    1. They keep saying savannah this n that , well we’re is chase, is chase going to also be there for theses kids n what will happen with granny, who will be there for her, her n Todd are so close n why is chase Not being mention only savannah ???

      1. I believe that since the family is so close and loving, it’s understood that Chase wil be there helping his family cope as best they can. . They have been raised to love and care for each other no matter what. Just hope nothing changes. Hope Nanny Faye can hold on as long as possible. She’ll be there in a pinch. Love her so much.

    2. I’m curious why nothing has been mentioned about Lindsey stepping up? The family talked about how they have reconciled with Lindsey on the podcast I saw, so she being the oldest, why is she not stepping up and helping out? I haven’t even seen anyone ask about her. Hmmmm…🤔

  5. Prayers to the Chrisleys during this time. Especially the kids & Mom Faye being sick. Taking Todd from her knowing how close they are breaks my heart. Supportive fan & prayers they can get this overturned.

  6. I agree with Sabo, Also, I don’t understand why the judge wouldn’t let them take turns on their sentences. They did for the House wives of New Jersey Stars.

    1. I totally agree! And further more how come Donald Trump is not behind bars as well as his kids who worked for the Trump Org.

      1. That’s a question many of us want to know considering how much damage he’s done and continues to do. It’s like he he’s made the office of POTUS JOKE. Now so many unqualified people thinking all the have to do is say I’m running for POTUS, SEND ME MONEY and people listen to the nonsense they spew. Has The greatest Country in the World finally fallen from Grace? I truly hope not, AND that People wake up and realize some people have been hiding their true feelings for 60 yrs. In 2020The darkness appeared and is getting worse daily.

  7. she will be a fine role model and I’m sure chase will help out where he can. She will make sure they are well taken care of, j have no doubt.

    1. I have faith in Savannah on taking care of the kids and her grandma. she is a smart caring young lady plus they are a very close family and they will always be there for each other. sending lot’s of prayers for them.

  8. Savanah will do great she has Chase and Emmy to help her. They can all be there for each other in this difficult time. My prayers are with you.

  9. I believe Savannah would be great she’s mature enough to take that role and she wants what’s best and she will do that she loves them they need to be with family. My Prayers are with you and your family. I absolutely love yall

  10. It’s freakin sad whenever u have AL Sharpton n others walking the street owes millions of back taxes! U have a sitting president n family criminals n did they do anything 2 Bill n Hillary…Noo

  11. I hate what is happening to this family!
    I love this family! I believe that Savannah will do great!! I don’t see why they can’t put them under house arrest, wear an ankle bracelet. They do not need to go to jail!!!!!!

  12. The IRS will always want their $ and they will find you are cheat rather months or years later. If Julie and Todd scammed the IRS for millions, then jail time will make them think twice about next time. I think Savannah can take care of kids and have Chase step in if needed for help. As far as Lindsey…no good!

  13. I think Savannah is the perfect person to be guardian of both Chloe and Grayson. I see her growth in maturity over the years on the show and I believe that keeping the children with her will be the best arrangement for the safety, security and family structure for Chloé and Grayson. They will need that familiar stability.

  14. I love the whole family and i am praying for nanny Fay. Savannah will be a great mother and will be a great role model for Grayson and Chloe. I am Praying for Todd and Julie that the appeal will go in their favor so the can come home and take care for their family.

  15. I loved watching their show and i feel bad for Chloe and Grayson, but with that said Savannah will rock filling the shoes of their parent. The Chrisleys did raise very good level headed kids and that they should be proud of. Savannah needs to move on with her life and find someone to love, not put her life on hold till her parents are out. Everyone says they don’t need to go to jail but why not, they broke the law and knowingly doing it so do your time and learn from it, just because you are a celebrity doesn’t exempt you for doing time, if it was a commoner (you or I) we would be in jail already no questions asked. YOU GO SAVANNAH everyone supports you but move on with your life also.

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