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Who Escorted Todd Chrisley To FPC Pensacola To Surrender?

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All eyes were on The Federal Prison Camp, Pensacola (FPC Pensacola) as fans and paparazzi waited for Todd Chrisley to arrive. One big question those following the news had this morning was who would escort Todd to FPC Pensacola so he could surrender? As Tv Shows Ace previously reported, Julie Chrisley was reassigned to a prison much further away. Unfortunately, this placed their children in a situation where they would have to divide and conquer. It wouldn’t be physically possible for their children to be in both Kentucky and Florida at the same time.

On her podcast, Savannah Chrisley has made it abundantly clear that she’s much closer to her father than her mother. She, however, was spotted running errands with her mother in Tenessee over the weekend. So, it would stand to reason that she would travel with her father to say goodbye. That being said, no one in Savannah’s family really trusts her driving. So, fans had a hard time picturing Savannah behind the wheel.

Who drove Todd Chrisley to surrender at FPC Pensacola?

On Reddit, fans reported confirmation of a gray Range Rover driving toward The Federal Prison Camp, Pensacola (FPC Pensacola) at 11:20 a.m. The post went on to report that the individual sitting in the passenger seat was using a white pillow to cover their face. Many suspected the passenger to be Todd Chrisley. And, they suspected he was using the pillow to hide his face from paparazzi cameras.

In a separate thread confirming Todd’s arrival at the prison, fans began to speculate who the SUV belonged to. One fan pointed out the vehicle looked like Nic Kerdiles’ vehicle. Other fans chimed in to agree it looked a lot like the vehicle he often posted on his Instagram. A few added it was definitely Nic’s vehicle. One fan speculated that they likely used Nic’s vehicle thinking it would be less noticeable than one of the family vehicles.

Todd Chrisley - Nic Kerdiles Youtube
Todd Chrisley – Nic Kerdiles Youtube

While Nic Kerdiles (as far as the public knows) is not in a relationship with Savannah Chrisley, he does remain close to Todd Chrisley. Todd admitted that holidays would just be awkward if Savannah finds someone else to be with because Nic would always be welcomed as he considered him to be another son. As Tv Shows Ace reported, Todd did make time for Nic and was spotted grabbing a meal with him in the weeks before he surrendered. So, it isn’t that farfetched of a theory for it to be Nic who drove Todd to the prison.

Do you think that looked like Nic Kerdiles’ vehicle? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Chrisley news.

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  1. hopefully lesson learned , but not without pain and sorrow for the kids my heart goes out to them . I wonder how much the kids knew what was going on as the Chrisley knows best aired over the years you could see changes to July seemed like she was annoyed much of the time yelling and just not into Todd’s ways maybe it’s just me my thoughts and opinions . I know it’s a hard thing for the family , I wish them well .

  2. I wish them well, but I don’t think they deserved this lengthy sentence at all…they made a mistake, I hope they get out soon!

  3. Hey! I was at the prison and followed the vehicle from the scene as it raced away at high speeds. I have the footage of me behind said Range Rover as it almost had a head on collision with other drivers. It looked like wreckless driving to me so it may have been Savannah!🤣😂 I followed the vehicle until it got on I10 headed back to Tennessee.

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