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Embarrassing Letter From Julie Chrisley’s Friend Misses Mark

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Julie Chrisley’s friend sent a letter to her judge. Fans noticed that it missed the mark. The Chrisley Knows Best star and her husband Todd Chrisley surrendered to the police and entered jail last month. They’re still trying to fight their crimes. Find out what the letter said and what her friend missed.

Julie Chrisley receives a letter from her friend

Earlier this month, one fan took to the Chrisley Knows Prison subreddit to share a copy of a letter that Julie Chrisley’s friend sent to judge Honorable Ross. Her friend Allison DeMarcus wants to help her out and fight her crimes. However, it’s missing the mark. Fans noticed something strange about it.

Julie Chrisley [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
Most fans said the same thing. They called the letter “embarrassing” because it didn’t mention Julie Chrisley or even defended her. Allison mostly mentioned herself and her accolades. Fans wanted to know the point of this letter.

  • “Allison, this is embarrassing. A whole a** letter about YOURE [sic] accolades.”
  • “Why is this letter all about her!?”
  • “That’s embarrassing!”
  • “They didn’t even proof read this crap before submitting it to the court!! Show us how off they were mentally. They must have not been in their right minds.”
  • “Forgot where I was and why I was here even reading the letter for, until I realized during all of her self promoting that she didn’t even mention the Chrisley name in that letter. Very bizarre.”

It sounds like Allison was trying to fight on Julie Chrisley’s behalf. Yet, she didn’t even mention the case or explain why she was writing to the Honorable Ross. She only used this opportunity to talk about herself and her experience in the legal field. Her friend could’ve saved her, but failed to do so.

Upset over Todd Chrisley’s lies

The Chrisley Knows Best Season 10 premiere is here. The show was filmed before Todd and Julie Chrisley entered prison. The two argued over their renovation plans for their third home, which they bought in the past year. Julie called out Todd for his constant lies.

She has a feeling that he’s going to want another home. Julie admitted that the constant moving has made her feel “stressed and unsettled.” She wanted a place that she could call “home.” Julie was excited about unpacking and being done with moving.

Julie Chrisley [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
She was also hoping it would be her last. Todd and Julie Chrisley don’t address their crimes on the show. They’re trying to appeal the case with their lawyer. The Chrisley siblings are fighting to get their parents back home.

What are your thoughts on Julie Chrisley’s friend’s letter? Do you agree that she missed the mark? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. This business with The Chrisleys is getting redundant. Yes, they are appealing their conviction but, every criminal appeals the judges decision because they are not happy with it. What they did ripping off banks or loan institutions for 30 million or more they should be punished as much as the law would allow. I’m glad I was not on that jury because they both would have gotton a lot more time then they got. Julie Chrisley got off easy because everyone knew that she knew what was going on with Todd and what he was doing. They did not consider the consequences of their actions or The outcome it would have on their children.

  2. How true that is. But we all know how the saying goes : Oh what a tingle web we weave onces we practice to deceive. I watched them on T.V. every week when the show would come on. And now it heart break to see what the children are going through. especially their Grand daughter and grandson because when they are with their grandparents they are so happy to they don’t want to leave them. So I pray that they can get back home to their to them and Granny Faith. God Bless you All.

  3. I love there show but wrong is wrong but I think the judge could of done better the kids are the ones suffering plus todds mother I hope they get out early but hope they learned from all this

  4. I’m reading some of these comments, and I now understand what Savanna is talking about,, I just wanted to say , one I thought when sassy was talking to Julie her mom.that they were referring to Allison Demargus . But the class that Julie has she didn’t say a name.
    But she said to think you have a friend and all she was doing is using us to further her career,,, And if you go read what she wrote to the judge to help Julie . You say stuff to support your friend but no she didn’t do that .
    All she did was talk about herself and everything she’s done in her life . Well darling I tell ya I wouldn’t want a friend like you cause if that’s a friend not helping me and writing a supporting letter of her character… but no you’re only concerned about making yourself look good… lord forbid you loose any money!!

    In my closing I’d say I’ve went and done my research and I’m not listening to these fake ass tabloids making money off of their pain … Savanna and Chloe Grey hang in there 😥 babies .
    I’m praying the appeals start something. To make them give evidence that wasn’t presented to the judge… just so many wrongs in this case … God bless you all !! I’ll see you on YouTube Sassy 💁‍♀️. Love ❤️

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