‘ABP’: Matt Brown Shares Some Cool News

Matt Brown / IG

Former Alaskan Bush People star Matt Brown just got some amazing news about one of his ventures. He recently shared this information with his fans. Now, it seems like big things are coming for Matt and those who follow him.

Here is what Matt had to say and what this means for his future.

Matt Brown has big news for his fans

Matt Brown let fans know a few months ago that he brings money in on the side by making and producing his YouTube videos. While his Instagram videos are more of a way for him to chronicle his sobriety journey via accountability, YouTube is different. Matt has worked hard to shoot and edit his videos and put them together to tell his stories.

Matt Brown / IG

In his latest Instagram post, Matt revealed that his videos on YouTube are about to get a whole lot better. YouTube has an offer for high-quality creators where they offer up licensed music. Matt just earned a spot as a beta tester for the Creative Music feature. This means he can use the licensed music in his videos now without losing monetization.

While some of the music will require Matt to share his ad revenue, it will make a huge difference in his future videos.

Matt Brown’s YouTube side gig

Matt does make a living working on a farm, growing fruit. However, he also said that he gets some money for ads thanks to his YouTube videos. More so, he has been working hard to make it worth fans’ time so he can make money doing something else he loves.

It almost seems ironic that his siblings have started selling Cameos online. Matt himself warned people recently that someone has been pretending to be him online and asking people for money to help him. He said that he would never ask his fans for money and feels he should work for his money. YouTube videos are a lot of work.

Matt Brown IG post

While it might seem like easy money, that is far from the truth. Matt shoots his videos – mostly on his own with no help. He then edits them together, adds music, and tells a story through his videos. Not only that, but no one makes money from YouTube until they prove they have an audience willing to watch the videos.

Matt has name brand thanks to Alaskan Bush People, but people won’t subscribe to his YouTube channel and return unless he was putting out quality interesting videos. Matt has proven he has worked hard to do that and now it is paying off for the man.

Are you excited to see Matt Brown succeeding so well after leaving Alaskan Bush People? Plus, do you follow him on YouTube? Let us know in the comments below.

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