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‘Alaskan Bush People’ Matt Brown Warns Fans About Scammers

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Alaskan Bush People star Matt Brown with a new video where he warned his fans about scams that infest Instagram. In the video, he warned fans about what is happening to him right now and what they need to look out for.

Here is what Matt said is happening on Instagram with scammers

Instagram scammers impersonating Matt Brown

One thing that Matt Brown has always done with his Instagram account is post videos. Fans know it is him and not someone running his account for him. More so, he wants to be clear it is always just him. Matt has no blue checkmark on Instagram, so this is a good way to know it’s his account.

However, it appears that the spammers that infest the social media site have decided to start fake accounts impersonating Matt and then send private messages to fans who have responded to his videos with requests for money. They are pretending to be Matt and want to rely on sympathy from his fans to scam them out of money.

Matt Brown on YouTube

Matt wants nothing to do with this. In his new video, he warned people that there are people pretending to be him on Instagram, and told his fans not to get ripped off by them. Fans can do one of two things to make sure it is the real Matt and not the scammer.

They can look at the account name. The real Matt Brown on Instagram is @mattbrown511. Any other name than that and it is a fake. The second thing they can do is look at the account of the person sending them the PM. Matt will have a couple of years’ worth of videos talking to the fans. If Matt’s videos are not on the page, and the account is not @mattbrown511, it is not him.

Matt said he won’t ask Alaskan Bush People fans for money

Not only should fans look at the account when getting a PM from someone pretending to be Matt Brown, but he had another message for his Alaskan Bush People fans. He won’t ask for money from anyone and said that goes against everything that he stands for.

Matt Brown IG

Now, this obviously doesn’t include him asking for money that is owed to him. He had to do this when he said his family didn’t pay him for his last few appearances on Alaskan Bush People. When he did ask for the money, he claims they told him he would never get it because he was an addict.

However, this comment could also have a sly meaning. Matt said he wouldn’t ask his fans for money. He said this just as most of his siblings have started Cameo accounts, charging fans money for personal video messages.

Have you ever seen scammers on Instagram pretending to be celebrities, asking for money? Finally, how did you figure out it was a fake? Let us know in the comments below.

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