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‘ABP’ Matt Brown Reveals When He Is Going Back Up Mountain

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Former Alaskan Bush People star Matt Brown has revealed when he is headed back up the mountain for another adventure. No matter what the Brown family posts on Instagram and other social media channels, the discussion always veers to Matt for some fans. While there is no reconciliation in sight for the family, Matt is still keeping fans in the loop on what he is doing.

Here is when Matt said he is heading back up the mountain, and what this means for fans.

Matt Brown announces new trek up mountain

Matt Brown / YouTube

Matt Brown released a video series around the same time that Alaskan Bush People returned for its most recent season. While the Brown family was talking about building new homes on the mountain and Noah heading to Alaska to find a new home completely, Matt’s was all about his latest adventure.

In Matt’s video, he went up the mountain to the cabin and had several scary moments along the way. His truck was in a small accident on the way up. He had to find his way to the cabin anyway. At that time, he ended up confronted by a mama bear on the mountain. He showed all this in his multi-part video about his trip. It all ended with a beautiful look at the mountain as he hiked, explored, and reflected.

The good news is that Matt has a new trip planned. However, fans might have to wait a little bit for the video of the new trip. Matt said that he won’t be heading back up to the cabin until at least the end of February, or later in March. However, he did say he might go up sooner than that, but not to the cabin. Instead, he said he would camp on the next trip.

Right now, it is still a harsh winter in Washington, so Matt has to be careful about when he heads up. He also admitted that he hasn’t been doing anything during the winter and the days just kind of bleed into each other. He said this is why there are not as many videos. However, he wants to start exercising more so that when he goes back up the mountain, he will be able to do it safely and not wear himself out.

Matt Brown IG

Where to follow Matt Brown’s adventures online

While the hit reality TV show airs on Discovery Channel and Discovery+, Matt Brown has to make his own way when it comes to sharing his story with his fans. That is done through Instagram and YouTube. Fans who follow Matt on Instagram at @mattbrown511 will get frequent videos where he checks in on his life. He talks about what he has been doing and brings fans into his life as he lives alone in his little house in Washington.

He also talks a lot about recovery and offers up tips and hints he learned for fans who might need to hear it. That is the most important part of his videos, as Matt does this as part of his accountability process for his own recovery.

His YouTube channel at @iamtheroadwanderer is more of a place where he shoots and edits his own adventure videos together for his fans. This included his trip up the mountain last year as well as a look at the Apple Harvest in 2022. His YouTube videos also make him money, so fans can help Matt when they watch his videos.

Do you follow Matt Brown on Instagram and YouTube? What are your thoughts on his adventure videos? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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