Who’s Returning To ‘Below Deck’ Season 11?

Captain Lee Rosbach & Fraser Olender [Source: YouTube]

Below Deck fans are wondering who will return for Season 11. The current season isn’t even done yet. There are still many episodes to go. However, fans are buzzing about the new details of the upcoming season, which is in production. Keep on reading for more information.

Captain Lee is exiting Below Deck

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, multiple sources claim Captain Lee Rosbach is leaving Below Deck after 10 seasons. Captain Kerry Titheradge will step in for the OG for Season 11. This comes as a shock to fans since Captain Lee has been a fan favorite since the show’s inception.

Fans got to know Captain Kerry in the premiere season of Below Deck Adventure. Sources told TVDeets.com that Bravo didn’t ask Captain Lee to return. They wanted to “freshen up” the show after hitting 10 seasons. Production has done this before.

Captain Lee Rosbach & Camille Lamb [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
Former boatswain Eddie Lucas confirmed that he wasn’t returning for Below Deck Season 10. He admitted that they never asked him back. Eddie also called out the network for its low wages. He claimed that the Real Housewives franchise makes more money.

Chef Rachel Hargrove won’t return

Another fan-favorite won’t be returning to Below Deck. Last month, Chef Rachel Hargrove announced that she will be leaving the series. After she joined in Season 8, she became a favorite because of her raunchy jokes and five-star culinary dishes. Last year, Rachel bashed the show and the producers on social media.

She took to a Reddit thread to share that she never liked being on Below Deck. She also had issues with Bravo before bashing the show she appeared on. Rachel got into a feud with Southern Charm star Austen Kroll. She accused both Austen and Shep Rose of throwing her handbag on the ground during a dress rehearsal.

Chef Rachel Hargrove [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
“I hate the show… I’ve always felt that way since before I filmed season 8. It’s just time for me to tell them to get the F@*$ off my back and stop treating us like the way they do. Eddie did it, and now I did it,” Rachel wrote.

Fraser Olender returns to Below Deck

While the network wants to change up Below Deck, one cast member will return. Fraser Olender will return for Season 11. He first appeared in Season 9 as a stew and then was promoted to chief stew in Season 10. Fans noticed that Fraser is struggling with leading the interior team.

This will cause friction between Fraser and Captain Sandy Yawn, who temporarily replaces Captain Lee Rosbach. Captain Lee has been part of the show since it first premiered in 2013. The rest of the cast for Season 11 hasn’t been unveiled.

Fraser Olender [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
The franchise has expanded to include Below Deck Mediterranean with Captain Sandy Yawn, Below Deck Sailing Yacht with Captain Glenn Shephard, Below Deck Down Under with Captain Jason Chambers, and the previously mentioned Below Deck Adventure with Captain Kerry.

What are your thoughts on the cast for Season 11 of Below Deck so far? Will you miss Captain Lee? What are your thoughts on Captain Kerry? Sound off below in the comment section.

New episodes of Below Deck Season 10 air Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

Chanel Adams


  1. I personally hated Frazier. he was a trouble making weasel that threw everyone under the bus including Heather. he was jealous of anyone getting a praise or pat on the back if it wasn’t him. I don’t know if I’ll be able to stomach watching him be a chef stew.
    at least this season the crew didn’t bash or make fun of the guests like in season 9 especially.

  2. Fraser was useless as a cheif stew so full of himself not a got manager at all . I would have fired him if he was one of mine.

  3. dump captain sandy bligh she is horrible she doesn’t know first thing how manage people. her solution is to fire crew. her firing aliissa was so lame. you do’n’t get automatically get respect you have to earn it. she is apparently not very educated.if a crewman doesn’t respect you have failed to your job. she fired the wrong person she should have fired herself. her lectures simply laughable. she plays favorite.

  4. Oh no! Captain Lee is such a huge part of the Below Deck series. He and and a few other people who are not coming back, are the reason I watch the show. For example, the show wasn’t as entertaining without Eddie Lucas. I like seeing familiar faces when a new season starts. But captain Lee not coming back? I’m shocked. Who’s next? Sandy Yawn? So sad Rachel is leaving. What an amazing chef! But, it’s important to follow your heart! Please bring back some familiar faces. I hate to think watching Below Deck has ran its course for me. It’s the only TV show I faithfully watch.

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