‘Below Deck’: What Made Chef Rachel Hargrove Return

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Below Deck fans were shocked to learn about Chef Rachel Hargrove’s return. She quit Season 8 – only to return 24 hours later. Some of her cohorts weren’t happy with her behavior, including First Officer Eddie Lucas. The two will be working together once again.

In a new interview, the mouthy chef opened up about returning for another season. She also hinted that there’s some unfinished business between her and Eddie. Viewers are wondering if this is her redemption period. Rachel has a lot to prove when it comes to her work ethic.

Eddie Lucas was scared to work with Chef Rachel again

During the Below Deck Season 8 reunion, Eddie made it clear that he wasn’t on Team Rachel. He did not like her behavior in and out of the galley. He felt that she embarrassed the crew when they went out during their crew outings. Rachel and alcohol did not mix.

During the reunion, Rachel was reflective on the past charter season. She admitted that she is not at her best when she drinks. She was also apologetic about her freakout moment during a planning sheet meeting. The reality star lost it when she read the guests’ long list of demands.

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That led her to utter the infamous words, “Eat my c***er,” as a shocked Captain Lee and Eddie looked on.  The Below Deck cast member also had some words to share with the production. Before leaving the boat, she continued to cuss and flip off the cameras. It didn’t look like she was coming back.

But to everyone’s surprise, she returned. Rachel rocked out the rest of the charter season despite her penchant for drinking hard. In Season 9, Eddie admits that he’s afraid to work with “bats*** crazy” Rachel once again. What does she have to say about that?

Below Deck star reacts to Eddie’s concerns

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Rachel had a good laugh at Eddie’s comment. She admitted that she’s a “bats*** crazy” chef. The one good thing about Rachel is that she is self-aware and she owns it. That’s a rare trait among yachting chefs.

“You know, what’s really funny is, if bats*** crazy is good at their job and is a ride or die b****, I’m cool with that one,” Rachel Hargrove said. “Like, I am my personality. It’s never going to change, it doesn’t matter.”

She also noted Eddie’s hypocrisy when she mentioned his behavior during Season 3. As Below Deck fans are well aware, he slept with former stew Rockey Dakota in the laundry room while he had a girlfriend at home. Then, he tried to deny their hookup in front of everyone.

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[Credit: YouTube]
Still, Rachel knew she had to talk to her co-star. She admitted that they had a heart-to-heart before the season started. The only way they could move forward is if they addressed the previous season.

“Unfortunately it took a lot of asking to sit down and do it,” Rachel explained. “It was one of those moments where was I just like, we really do need to like hash this out because it is affecting me. All of this is now coming to light just before we did the season. We need to discuss this. And how do you feel? Because I don’t want to go through this season and all of a sudden, like, watch it, and in retrospect, you’re talking trash again.”

Rachel is excited for fans to see the new season. And they can’t wait to see Rachel, Eddie, and Lee back on the waters. Rachel teases that she’s “back” and “better than ever.” She gets to have a “good do-over” this season.

Below Deck Season 9 premieres Monday, October 25 at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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