‘My 600-Lb. Life’ Latonya Pottain 2023 Update: Where Is She Now?

Latonya Pottain 2023 Update

Tonight’s episode of My 600-Lb. Life introduces fans to Latonya Pottain and the end of the episode leaves fans wondering if there is a 2023 update on where she is now. Has she made any progress with her weight loss? Did she ever get surgery? Fans have lots of questions.

My 600-Lb. Life: Meet Latonya Pottain

Hailing from Shreveport, LA, Latonya Pottain lives just a few hours away from Dr. Now’s office. So, it wasn’t too much of a problem for her to get into her vehicle and drive four hours to see the doctor. During the episode, she admitted this wasn’t the first time she’d seen the TLC doctor. Turns out, this My 600-Lb. Life star had an appointment with the doctor five years ago. Her weight was in the 480s at the time. Shortly after this appointment, she ended up in a motorized wheelchair. And, she spent the next five years gaining weight.

Latonya Pottain 2023 Update
Latonya Pottain 2023 Update

During most of the episode, Latonya Pottain tettered between 620 and 640 pounds. The only time the TLC star lost weight was when Dr. Now kept her in the hospital because he was concerned about her weight. Latonya Pottain was able to lose some weight while in the hospital because they held her to Dr. Now’s diet. Latonya Pottain argued with the doctor that the hospital food was hardly edible.

After leaving the hospital and returning home, Latonya Pottain appeared to have turned things around as she started exercising a little more and was making some changes to her diet. Unfortunately, it appears as if she was still cheating when the cameras were not rolling as she gained five pounds after leaving the hospital.

Latonya Pottain 2023 Update
Latonya Pottain 2023 Update

Ultimately, Dr. Now decided there was no point in her coming back to see him again until she started to take the diet seriously there was nothing he could do to help her.

2023 Update: Where Is She Now?

Unfortunately, Latonya Pottain only lost weight during her time with Dr. Now when she was forced to do so. She was unable to lose any weight on her own and the TLC doctor gave up on her. Sadly, there really aren’t many pictures on her profile that are very recent. She, however, did post a new profile picture a few days ago. It, however, was just a selfie with heavy filters on it. While she looked happy, it did not appear as if she’s lost a lot more weight since her time on the show.

Latonya did give fans an update on where she is now and how she’s doing while sharing a trailer of her episode. She owned the fact that she was on the show and wasn’t a success story. And, she admitted she still hadn’t met her goal.

Latonya Pottain 2023 Update

She penned: “My episode airs Feb 8,2023 my story will help other people no I have not reached my goal but I’m working on me please keep all negative comments to ur self if u know me then u know I come with that That will blow back so if u wanna do anything for me say a positive prayer and thank u and advance.”

Are you bummed by this update on Latonya Pottain and where she is now? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more My 600-Lb. Life news

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  1. No, I’m not “bummed” by her update, only an ass would be! It was evident in her interview with the therapist that Latonya has traumatic memories linked both to her mother’s passing, and to her father selfishly choosing a woman 3 months after her mother’s death over her. She was 12 and lost both parents! Until THAT pain is dealt with she will have great difficulty losing weight because as she said, that’s her comfort!

    1. I’m praying Latonya gets the help she needs dealing with her mental pain so that she can work on her eating habits. She’s such a pretty girl I would hate to see her health deteriorate. She has a great fiancée, BUT I think the aide is NOT helping. Did you see the breakfast she made for her? She’s enabling. Come on Latonya it would make me so so happy to get an update on your weight loss…hang in there pretty girl YOU GOT THIS..🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 for you

  2. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, get off your fat ass and help yourself stop with the excuses, you can do it, you have a great boyfriend who loves you and you eat yourself to death, put your big girl panties on and act like a grown woman

  3. I pray that she gets the emotional healing that she will need in order to lose weight! It’s not what you are eating it is what is eating you! I look back and quite a few of the patients and their ending was a sad one. I wish that he would admit her and put her on a controlled diet to save her life. Life is worth living by any means necessary! Addiction is a horrible disease and affects not only the addicts but the people who love them most. I pray for her so hard that she would come to the knowledge that her life is worth it she is worth it! Her father issues are unfortunate, but what is even more unfortunate is that she is allowing it to navigate her emotions and kill herself slowly, it is a form of self-induced suicide. I know the loved ones that are close to her don’t want to give tough love but they have to I want her to live she is beautiful! She has to deal with the emotional issues otherwise the surgery is just a bandaid and she will put the weight back on. Let’s get it LaTonya you can do it you are worth it!

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