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‘600 Lb. Life’ Season 11 Update: Are Geno & Nico Still In Texas?

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The Season 11 Premiere of My 600-Lb. Life leaves fans wanting the latest update on Geno and Nico. Viewers were surprised as they watched the cousins make the shocking decision to pick up their lives and bet it all on making a somewhat permanent move to Texas. Hailing from Connecticut, Geno and Nico made the decision to purchase a home in Texas. With Nico’s girlfriend Rose tagging along, the trio purchased a home and made the move about seven months into their journey with Dr. Now.

When the episode came to an end, Nico and Geno were fully embraced in living the Texan lifestyle. In fact, the cousins agreed it almost felt as though Texas was where they were always meant to end up. Geno admits he thinks it will be easier for them to maintain the work they’ve done on their weight loss progress if they just stay in Texas.

My 600lb Life Nico Martone - Geno Dacunto Youtube

This posed one serious problem as they left all their loved ones back in Connecticut. Likewise, Geno left his new girlfriend Jess back in Connecticut expecting to only be gone for a year. So, one big question viewers were left with at the end of the My 600-Lb. Life episode was simple: Are Geno and Nico still in Texas? Or, did they move back to Connecticut?

My 600lb Life Geno - Jess youtube

600 Lb. Life Season 11 Update: Are Geno & Nico Still In Texas?

As Tv Shows Ace has previously reported, it is easy enough to check out the Facebook profiles of Geno Dacunto and Nico Martone to get the latest update on where they are now or how they are doing with their weight loss progress. For example, their profiles reveal that Nico recently asked his girlfriend Rose to be his wife. And, she said yes. Geno’s profile reveals he has been happily in a relationship with his friend Jess since May of last year.

My 600lb Life Nico and Rose FB

On the about section of their Facebook profiles, fans can also see where they are currently living. Both of their profiles reveal that Geno and Nico appear to have moved back to Connecticut. Moreover, it also appears as if Nico and Geno may no longer be living together as their profiles have them tagged as living in different parts of the state.

Now, this is a detail on Facebook profiles that people don’t always remember to update. So, there is a possibility it is outdated. Their profiles, however, do not appear to suggest they still live in Texas.

My 600lb Life Geno - Nico Youtube

Are you surprised they would leave Texas after buying a home? Let us know in the comments down below.

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