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Christina Mandrell Shocks With Erratic Behavior, Elimination

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Christina Mandrell is a little wild and Bachelor nation is divided on how they feel about it. According to an inside source, fans didn’t see some of her wildest moments. It’s well known the show is edited for time and that the first night takes much longer than viewers see. As we reported stress can get to someone easily. That night, Madison Johnson went through every emotion in just a few hours.

Zach Shallcross took Christina on the first one-on-one date and she revealed that she had a daughter. Despite looking like a deer in headlights, Zach went on to enjoy the date and gave her a rose. Now it seems she may have been more of a party girl than the lead could handle. A source told The Sun she acted out of control on the first night. Read on to see what happened.

Christina Mandrell Went Past Her Limit

Allegedly according to a source speaking to The Sun, Christina Mandrell had more than the two-drink-per-hour limit. This limit was implemented after an incident on Bachelor in Paradise involving alcohol made them rethink their rules.

Christina Mandrell Instagram 2
Christina Mandrell,Instagram

Allegedly producers slipped drinks to the girls before they went to the mansion. This tactic probably makes for better television. The source said Christina hit on some of the girls during the first night. When Christina had the one-on-one date she met Zach’s family. This caused a bit of tension with the other girls because it seems like a big step right off the bat. When Zach gave her the first rose he said it was because she, “was worth it.” Fans speculated he wasn’t sure about being a daddy.

Fans Didn’t Buy Her Tears

Christina Mandrell got sent home after Brianna Thorbourne had a conversation with Zach. After he told her there wasn’t anything between them, she told him some house gossip. She said the other girls felt, “upset and unsafe,” around Christina. Christina then cried a lot. Fans are saying they weren’t real tears. They know Christina works as an actress and they think she was acting.

Christina Mandrell,
Christina Mandrell, Instagram

Christina seems to be living her best life. She posted on TikTok that people think she’s always drunk. She shared a few of her antics with friends saying she was completely sober. Mandrell also posted on her Instagram. She said, “Not that I have to explain myself… BUT. There’s been some speculation that I’m “dRuNk AlL tHe TiMe.”

She went on to say she knows she’s a lot, but she wants her daughter to know she should never, “dim her light for anyone.” What do you think about Christina’s antics? Do you think she should have gone home? Do you think she’ll show up in Paradise? Comment with your thoughts below.


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