Zach Shallcross Talks First Dramatic Elimination, ‘Can’t Force It’

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The Bachelor Zach Shallcross is opening up about his first dramatic elimination from the night of his premiere. Fans saw contestant Madison being very pushy and even clingy toward Zach on Monday night. She kept interrupting other conversations to get some time with him. He ultimately sent her home at the end of the night before the rose ceremony. What did he have to say about his time with her? Keep reading to find out more.

Zach Shallcross talks first dramatic elimination of the season

The Bachelor kicked off Monday night with Zach Shallcross handing out the roses. It seems every season has that one person who wants to steal the lead away from everyone else every chance they get. That contestant Monday was Madison. She was constantly wanting Zach’s attention. Plus, she shed a whole bunch of tears on that very first night. In the end, Zach wasn’t feeling it and sent her home.

Now, Zach is talking about his very first elimination. US Weekly had the scoop. During the episode, he did say he wasn’t feeling it when they kissed. It was beginning to be obvious he just wasn’t really into her after a while. He made it clear he does not plan to lead anyone on or waste their time. Once he knew the kiss was forced and there was no chemistry he was ready to send her home.

Zach said, “I think very highly of her. I just think one thing that I think most people would agree with is you just can’t force it.” He continued, “If you’re forcing love — or forcing a kiss in this manner or — I don’t know, navigating it the way that it went, that was an answer in itself. I’m not someone that wants to waste anyone’s time because I know the sacrifice to be there … either take off work or leave your family behind. It doesn’t do anyone any good to just waste your time and if wasn’t there, it’s not there.”

ZAch Shallcross Madison exit via youTube

She left crying

Madison left the mansion very upset crying that she can’t believe she gave everything up for Zach. This moment revealed to the women that Zach is serious about finding love and isn’t going to waste anybody’s time. If he’s not feeling it then he will send someone home.

What do you think about Zach sending Madison home before the rose ceremony? Did she come on too strong?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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