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‘The Bachelor’s’ Madison Shares Biggest Regret With Zach

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Madison Johnson is sharing her biggest regret from her first and last night on Zach Shallcross’s Bachelor season. She was very excited about meeting the leading man.

They initially hit it off, but Madison became a bit over-eager about getting time with him and pulled him twice. She didn’t feel good about their first conversation. The second time she kissed him and it felt forced.

Madison sobbed and went through a range of emotions. She interrupted Jesse Palmer and Zach’s conversation. Madison asked Zach if he even wanted her on the journey. After a long pause, Zach told her his heart wasn’t feeling it. He also told her he knows what it feels like to be led on. Then he watched as she took the longest exit walk ever.

What Does Madison Johnson Regret?

Madison doesn’t regret shooting her shot, the kiss didn’t go well and she could tell. What she does regret according to Bachelor Nation is all the crying she did. Seeing the other women overwhelmed her and her nerves kicked in. In fact, Madison said she would describe the whole night as overwhelming. She got in her own head and got really anxious she wasn’t going to get enough time with Zach.

Madison Johnson, Instagram
Madison Johnson, Instagram

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter Zach said he didn’t fault Madison for what happened. He said, “if you have to force anything it shouldn’t be.” Zach knew there wasn’t anything there from their first conversation. She went onto Clickbait to talk to Joe Amabile and Susie Evans about the experience. On Clickbait, Joe Amabile told her to try laughing it off because it’s easy for people, “to pass judgment if they’ve never been through it.”

She’s Not Focused On The Negative

Madison shared that night one wasn’t the hardest thing she’s done, it was watching it back. She said, “I was physically sick. It is an experience you cannot even put into words.” Johnson said the past couple of days had been rough.

Madison Johnson, Instagram
Madison Johnson, Instagram

People she didn’t know were giving her feedback about her personality and intentions. She tried hard not to let the negativity take over. Madison received some kind words from followers. One said, “you were amazing and genuine, you knew your worth and knew you deserved to be fully pursued.” Another said, “You go, girl! It takes a lot to put yourself out there! Don’t mind these trolls.” Several friends and fans think she did the right thing by leaving and not prolonging the inevitable.

Did you have secondhand embarrassment watching her range of emotions? Do you think Zach could have handled their situation a little better? You can read more about Zach’s ladies here. Comment with your thoughts down below.

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