Does Taylor Swift Have Bad Blood With Jill Biden?

Left: Taylor Swift, Right: Jill Biden [Source: YouTube]

Taylor Swift fans wonder if the singer has a beef with Jill Biden. In an unexpected turn of events, the First Lady attended the 2023 Grammy Awards on Sunday night (February 6). She took to the stage to present an award. Some fans noticed that Taylor looked unimpressed by her surprise appearance. Keep on reading to learn more and see the video for yourself.

Taylor Swift’s reaction goes viral

During the Grammys, Taylor Swift’s reaction went viral. Fans think they noticed bad blood between the two ladies. The First Lady of the United States appeared at the award ceremony to give an award for which Taylor was nominated. The “Anti-Hero” singer didn’t seem impressed.

Her reaction went viral on Twitter. Many fans shared their thoughts about what Taylor could’ve been thinking at the moment. Some think she’s in a feud with Dr. Jill Biden. Taylor is no stranger to celebrity beefs.

Taylor Swift [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
She was famously in a feud with Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, and Katy Perry. The Grammy winner also feuded with then-best friend Karlie Kloss. She seems to take issue with those whose first name starts with a “K.”

Fans shared the 21-second clip on Twitter. Host Trevor Noah introduced Jill Biden to the crowd. She walked out to the sound of applause. When the cameras panned over to Taylor Swift, she looked at the floor as she clapped. Some fans noticed that she wasn’t as enthusiastic as the rest of the crowd was.

As you can see in the clip above, Taylor looked disinterested. She kept her eyes on the ground as she barely clapped. Some fans were upset over her reaction to Dr. Jill Biden. Others defended Taylor and claimed that she was being polite.

Questions over her political affiliation

Fans wondered about Taylor Swift’s political affiliation. She has been outspoken about being a Democrat before. However, some fans aren’t quite so sure. They just think she has a problem with the Bidens.

  • “Really disappointed in [Taylor Swift’s] reaction here to our [First Lady] who is doing fantastic things for education & cancer research & access to treatment.”
  • “Taylor Swift hates Jill Biden? Didn’t have that on my Grammy’s Bingo card tonight.”
  • “Guessing Taylor is a closet Republican?”
  • “Always knew Taylor was a Bernie bro.”

TV producer Carina Aldy MacKenzie thinks Taylor Swift was trying not to appear “drunk” on live television. She noticed that the “Purple Haze” singer looked like she had too much to drink. MacKenzie explained that she could’ve stood up too fast and tried to steady herself by looking down.

Swifties defended Taylor. They argued that she has no issue with the First Lady. They noticed that she looked nervous about winning the Song of the Year. She lost to Bonnie Raitt for her song “Just Like That.”

What are your thoughts? Do you think Taylor has bad blood with Jill Biden? Sound off below in the comment section.

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