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‘SNL’ Michael Che Takes Swing At Taylor Swift Fans


Saturday Night Live saw Michael Che take aim at Taylor Swift fans on Weekend Update this weekend. It was a joke that actually had the fans in the audience laughing and clapping, albeit a bit nervously. Possibly, fans know how dangerous it is to mock Swifties.

Here is a look at the Michael Che joke and what fans online thought of it.

Michael Che mocks Taylor Swift fans on SNL

Michael Che and Colin Jost took aim at a few different people on Saturday Night Live this weekend. One of Che’s targets was Taylor Swift fans, and it elicited an interesting response from fans in attendance and online. While some have called the response “groans,” listening to the audience revealed a lot more laughs than anything.

Taylor Swift joke / YouTube

Of course, making fun of Taylor Swift fans – or Swifties as they call themselves – opens up Che for a swift reaction. So far, it seems the joke went over well with many people on social media.

The joke was based on the current Live Nation hearings. These hearings came after tickets for Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour ended up causing controversy. Lawmakers are concerned that Live Nation dominates the market for event ticket sales. The Swift tour saw high prices and service failures, which resulted in Swift stopping the ticket sales

A Taylor Swift fan sued Live Nation. The company then blamed scalpers. Then, Swifties protested outside the Capitol during the hearings. That led to Michael Che’s joke on Saturday Night Live.

“During the Senate hearings investigating Live Nation and their monopoly on concert ticket sales, fans of Taylor Swift protested outside the Capitol,” Che said, setting up the joke. “Aww, that’s sweet. And only two years after their dads were there.” That was a reference to the insurrectionists that stormed the Capitol in 2021.

Fans on social media respond to Taylor Swift joke

While some news sites claimed there were groans after the joke, that was not really true. Instead, there was laughing that started slowly and then got a little louder with some clapping as well. It was a nervous response, which makes sense because Taylor Swift fans are often rabid.

However, on social media, fans seemed to love the joke. One fan wrote, “They said Taylor Swift fans stormed the capital 2 years after their dads” and then had crying laughing emojis. Another fan responded with a gif of Nene Leakes laughing. Yet another responded to the news reports that there were groans. They disagreed, and wrote, “I did not groan. I laughed very, very hard.”

What did you think of Michael Che’s roasting of Taylor Swift fans on Saturday Night Live this weekend? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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