Taylor Swift Revives Feud With Kim Kardashian?

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Taylor Swift’s upcoming album, Midnights, has already started a buzz among fans. However, this buzz has more to do with the release date as opposed to the album itself. On Sunday, during the VMAs, Taylor teased the launch of her new album that falls on a special date.

Taylor Swift’s Latest Album Debuts On Kim Kardashian’s Birthday

Coincidentally or intentionally, this date is the same as that of Kim Kardashian’s birthday. The reality star will celebrate her 42nd birthday on October 21 which is when the American singer/songwriter plans to release her album for her fans.

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So, it is obvious that fans feel this is a subtle jab at her past feud with the SKNN owner. Avid Tay-Tay fans know that the singer is pretty crafty when it comes to planning her song’s lyrics or even release dates. By the looks of it, it seems like the 32-year-old might be reviving her feud with Kim.

Ever since Kanye West hijacked her 2009 MTV VMAs acceptance speech, there has been an ongoing feud between Taylor, Kim, and Kanye West. Although it seemed like the feud was silenced since it has been so long, Taylor might have just turned on the heat which this subtle jab.

Taylor Swift Fans Catch On To Her Subtle Jab At Kim Kardashian

She also shared a tweet that read, “Midnights, the stories of 13 sleepless nights scattered throughout my life, will be out October 21. Meet me at midnight.”

Swifties were quick to take note of this special release date as one wrote,

“Taylor Swift at the VMAs 13 years after Kanye’s nonsense announced her 10th album is coming out on Kim Kardashian’s birthday. I’m laughing so hand. I love Taylor so much.”

Another tweeted, “Our petty queen.”

“She is so nice for giving her biggest fan such a nice birthday gift,” quipped a third fan.

So, it seems like October 21, 2022, won’t just be Kim’s day this year, but also Taylor’s big release.

Is Taylor Swift Also Taking A Dig At Her Ex Harry Styles?

However, Kim Kardashian isn’t the only one she is taking a dig at!

It’s one of her exes, Harry Styles as well. Taylor’s new album also lands on the same day when Style’s movie My Policeman hits theatres.

Back in 2016, on National Snake Day, Kim released the audio recordings of Swift seeming to agree to be named in Kanye West’s song Famous. As per Daily Mail, this was a move in response to Swift insinuating she didn’t approve of the lyrics.

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In the song, the SKIMS owner’s ex-husband raps, “I made that b**ch famous,” while referring to the singer. After the reality star released the recording, Swift doubled down on her pointing out that West never laid out the lyrics. She also claimed that she didn’t approve of being called a ‘b**ch’.

Do you think Taylor Swift is taking a jab at Kim Kardashian? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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