‘The Boys’ Gets First Season 4 Teaser

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It’s only been about six months since the finale of the most recent season of The Boys. Yet, fans are already antsy for any new information about what’s to come. Thankfully, the showrunner for the hit comic adaptation, Eric Kripke, has just given us that info. It’s a small teaser, but there is some very juicy insight into Season 4 that we can glean from it. Let’s talk about everything we know thus far about Season 4 of The Boys and when it may hit Prime Video.

The Boys Season 4

The first teaser for Season 4 comes via the Twitter account of showrunner and lead writer Eric Kripke. It’s a simple teaser, but an exciting one. The title page for the finale of Season 4. Granted, there’s no confirmation that this is truly the finale script, but every season thus far has been 8 episodes long, so it’s likely a safe assumption.

the boys season 4 finale script
The finale script title page for ‘The Boys’ Season 4

The finale episode has the title “Assassination Run.” This suggests the ultimate episode of the new season holds a plot for the murder of some major figure within the show’s world. Could it be Homelander? Victoria Neuman? Stan Edgar? There’s no way of knowing but we do know the episode is being directed by the showrunner himself, Eric Kripke. This is only the second episode of The Boys directed by Kripke. His previous directorial credit comes via the fantastic finale for Season 1.

The only other piece of info we can gather from this script page is that the Season 4 finale is written by Jessica Chou and David Reed. Both were major writers in Season 3. Jessica Chou notably wrote the notorious “Herogasm” episode that caught many eyes in Season 3. So it’s safe to say this finale episode will be, as Billy Butcher would put it, diabolical.

New Prime Content

So when will The Boys Season 4 be arriving on Prime Video? It’s unlikely we’ll be getting it in 2023. This finale script suggests the writing just wrapped up, and production will likely begin later this year. A 2024 release date seems far more likely. Especially considering the gap between the second and third seasons of the show was also two years.

A shot of Homelander in 'The Boys' Season 3.
A shot of Homelander in ‘The Boys’ Season 3.

If we did get a late 2023 release for Season 4, though, that would be a very exciting time for Prime Video subscribers. We recently got a teaser for Season 2 of Invincible that set its release window somewhere in “late 2023”. Invincible and The Boys are two of the greatest superhero adaptations in recent years. So getting both of their new seasons alongside each other would be extremely exciting. We’ll see if more information about The Boys Season 4 begins to trickle out soon.

The Boys Season 4 has no release window as of right now. The first three seasons of the show are out on Amazon Prime Video right now.

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