‘Invincible’ Drops Long-Awaited Season 2 Trailer

invincible season 2 trailer mark
Nick Davis

Invincible is one of the biggest shows that Amazon has ever put out through its Prime Video service. Of course, they were always going to put out a Season 2. But, lately many have been wondering where exactly that Season 2 is. Season 1 of the show ran from March to April of 2021, and since then, it has been radio silence from Robert Kirkman and the other show creators. Finally, after nearly 2 years of waiting, we have finally gotten an update and a trailer for Season 2 of Invincible. Let’s break down what’s going on and when we can expect the return of one of Amazon’s biggest shows.

Invincible Returns

The trailer doesn’t give us too much of a look into what we’ll actually be seeing in Season 2 of the superhero cartoon. But, it is a really fun watch that breaks the fourth wall to explain what exactly has been going on behind the scenes. The trailer is a conversation between the show’s main character, Mark, and a funny side character, Allen (voiced by Seth Rogen). Allen asks Mark where he’s been, and Mark responds by explaining many of the difficulties that come with the animation medium. It’s clear from the trailer that the Invincible team is really stepping up the animation for Season 2, which is a good sign.

invincible season 2 trailer mark and allen
Mark and Allen talking in the ‘Invincible’ Season 2 trailer

While Season 1 got a lot of praise, a point of major criticism was the somewhat cheap-looking animation. For a show from the richest company in the world, we should rightfully expect some high-quality animation. It seems like that’s exactly what we’ll get with Season 2, and it explains why the production time is taking so much longer.

invincible season 2 logo
The logo and release window for ‘Invincible’ Season 2

The trailer ends with a release window for the show, and sadly no specific date. All we get is a hesitant “sometime in late 2023.” Late 2023 is better than no timeframe at all, at least.

The Amazon Prime Gambit

Amazon is slowly but surely becoming a powerhouse in the streaming industry. All credit goes to its impressive lineup of original content in recent years. Everything from The Boys to The Rings Of Power and, of course, Invincible have brought a lot of viewers to the platform. They seem keen on continuing this hot streak by pushing out new seasons of these hot shows whenever they can. On top of this, they’re still working on making new viral shows that will further up their viewership. Specifically, they seem very interested in continuing their adaptations of hit comic books. They just recently acquired the rights to an adaptation of the new critically-acclaimed comic Eight Billion Genies by Charles Soule. With the success of their other comics content, it is no surprise they want to keep pushing out more.

Invincible Season 2 is coming sometime in late 2023 (more or less).

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