Who Is Jeffrey Dean Morgan Playing In ‘The Boys’?

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Who is Jeffrey Dean Morgan playing in The Boys? That is a question both fans of the Prime Video show as well as Supernatural and The Walking Dead fans might be curious about. Actor Nathan Mitchell seems pretty excited about Morgan’s new role on the show and said as much in a recent interview.

Here is what Mitchell said about Morgan’s role in The Boys.

Who is Jeffrey Dean Morgan on The Boys

Last season, Supernatural fans got a fan-favorite moment when Jenson Ackles showed up on The Boys. Ackles went from playing perennial good guy Dean Winchester to playing a good old-fashioned American superhero on The Boys in Soldier Boy. Of course, as fans of the Prime Video show know, the superheroes are not really all that good in that world.

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However, Soldier Boy at least tried to fight on the side of good as he squared off with the evil Homelander. Now, in Season 4, Dean Winchester’s father will arrive. Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who played John Winchester on Supernatural and Negan on The Walking Dead is joining the show. However, unlike Ackles, producers are keeping his character a secret.

Nathan Mitchell, who plays the mysterious masked hero Black Noir, spoke to The Movie Dweeb about his return in Season 4 as Noir and about Morgan’s new role in the new season. According to Morgan, he couldn’t say much about his character but he did say what he thought his Sun and Moon signs were.

“I would say his Sun sign is ‘bada**,’ and his Moon sign is ‘You don’t even want to f***ing know,” Morgan said, laughing. “I think the cool thing about this show is we’re always going in different directions and showing you different storylines and different characters in ways you wouldn’t expect, so I think that Jeffrey Dean Morgan is going to play a role that stays with fans for a long time.”

See his full interview here. The comments about Morgan start at the 17:36 mark.

What is coming in The Boys Season 4?

The Boys on Amazon Prime Video is based on the comic books by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. It follows a world where superheroes are more celebrities than actual heroes. The Seven are the world’s most powerful heroes, but they are also part of a corporation where they make millions for stockholders based on their likeness rights.

However, most of the heroes are also evil inside and will do anything they want, no matter who dies. That is where The Boys come in. Led by Karl Urban’s Billy Butcher, they used to work for the government to stop rogue superheroes, but now are renegades since the rich and powerful got their hands into government decisions.

Erik Kripke, the man who created Supernatural, also created The Boys. This reunites him and Morgan (as well as Ackles). However, Kripke has changed some major things about the franchise. One example is that Nathan Mitchell plays Black Noir in the Prime Video series. In the comics, he was a clone of Homelander, something that wasn’t revealed until the final comics in the series. It is also a shock that Black Noir is back since he died in the Season 3 finale (which could still lead to clones).

This means that Jeffrey Dean Morgan could be playing anyone from the comics or a new character and it wouldn’t tell fans anything. Plus, with Noir and Supersonic’s death, Starlight quitting, and Queen Maeve faking her own death, the TV show just veered completely off the comic book arcs.

Are you excited to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan joining The Boys? Who do you think he will be playing? Let us know in the comments below.

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